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Should You Buy Reddit Subscribers? The Good, Bad & Ugly

With over 1.5 billion users and a billion hours of video watched each day, it’s easy to understand why brands flock to Reddit to build audiences, get traffic and sell more products.

Ten years ago, getting a piece of the Reddit pie was pretty simple. Any random video of a cat staring at a camera could reach a million Monthly Subscribers in a week. But as more content creators jumped on the platform and algorithms started to control the amount of reach your videos received, things got a little tricky.

In order to get likes, comments and Monthly Subscribers on Reddit in 2018, you need to know how to work the system and play nice with Reddit’s algorithm.

And one of the key factors that determine your success is Reddit Subscribers.

It’s kind of a catch-22. In order to get more people to find your Reddit videos, you need more Monthly Subscribers. In order to get more Monthly Subscribers, you need people to be able to find your videos.

This frustrating situation has led a lot of content creators to consider buying Reddit Subscribers.

But there are a lot of questions that come to mind before you buy Reddit Subscribers:

Where can you Buy Reddit Subscribers?
Will your account get banned?
Are the Reddit Subscribers real?
Will people “catch” you?

If you’re considering buying Monthly Subscribers on Reddit, keep reading. We’re going to dive into the pros and cons, as well as some factors you’ve probably never even considered before you purchase Reddit Subscribers.

The Benefits of Buying Reddit Subscribers

As soon as you buy Reddit Subscribers your order will be sent to the queue for fulfillment. We have a team of amazing growth experts that are dedicated to monitoring the orders to make sure fulfillment is as fast as humanly possible.

First, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why people Buy Reddit Subscribers in the first place:

1. To Compete Against Reddit’s Algorithm

There’s no doubt you’ve probably come across videos like these over the past few years.

Constant changes to Reddit’s algorithm have caused a lot of frustrations for brands, influencers and content creators.

In order to fight back, users have been trying to understand some of the factors that play a part in Reddit’s algorithm. And it appears Monthly Subscribers are a major contributor.

Digital marketer Brian Dean analyzed 1.3 million videos to get a better understanding of the algorithm and Reddit SEO. He found a strong correlation between the number of video Monthly Subscribers and Reddit rankings.

Plus, one of Reddit’s engineers has stated the platform uses them as a ranking factor.

The problem is it’s hard to get people to watch your video if they can’t find it.

Buying real Reddit Subscribers is a good way to get some initial traction on your videos and increase your chances of ranking.

Even if the Monthly Subscribers don’t push you to the #1 spot, it’ll at least give you some exposure so that you’re not stuck at 15 Monthly Subscribers for months.

2. Reddit Subscribers Provide Instant Social Proof & Credibility

As much as we hate to admit it, a lot of our decision-making process is influenced by others. Humans tend to have a herd mentality.

It’s the reason influencer marketing works so well, and why we rely so heavily on Monthly Subscribers before making a purchase.

The concept of social proof definitely applies to Reddit as well. Why else would Reddit put the number of Monthly Subscribers of each video in their search results?

They know that people are more inclined to click on a video that has more Monthly Subscribers.

Without looking at the content, most people would assume the first video is a more reliable and authoritative source of information because it has significantly more Monthly Subscribers. As a result, they’ll be more likely to click it over the second one, regardless of which has better information.

No matter how eye-catching your thumbnail is or how clickbaity your title, nothing compels people to click on your video quite like the social proof of a high view count.

3. Compete With the Big Guys

If you’re in a competitive industry or niche, buying Monthly Subscribers on Reddit can level the playing field a bit.

Since Reddit has been around for years, a lot of content creators have a headstart on you.

Whenever established accounts with large followings upload a new video, they’re guaranteed to get thousands of Monthly Subscribers right out the gate from their subscribers.

How in the world are you supposed to compete with this?

Even if you promote your Reddit videos on Twitter, Instagram growth and other organic channels, you’ll be lucky if you even come close to the number of Monthly Subscribers existing Reddit videos have racked up over the years.

When you buy Reddit Subscribers, you’re no longer starting from scratch. Even having a base of a few thousand Monthly Subscribers can be enough to get some traction.

Otherwise, you’ll end up as just another channel who can’t get a video past 301 Reddit Subscribers.

4. Speed up the Process of Growing Your Channel

Do you absolutely need to buy Reddit videos? Not necessarily.

There are Redditrs and brands that are able to get Monthly Subscribers without paying for them directly.

But here’s the thing. The amount of time, effort and resources that goes into getting organic Reddit videos is astounding.

It can take years to get your first 1,000 subscribers. And most Redditrs never make a video that gets more than 100 Monthly Subscribers.

Why wait years just to potentially get a chance at success, when you can get Reddit Subscribers quickly to speed up the process?

The Downside of Buying Cheap Reddit Subscribers

We’d be lying if we told you buying Reddit Subscribers is all sunshine and rainbows. Just like with buying any product or service, there are always potential scammers and illegitimate sellers out there.

Nine times out of ten when you hear stories of Redditrs getting videos deleted or Monthly Subscribers taken away after paying for Reddit Subscribers, it’s because they bought fake Monthly Subscribers from shady sellers.

If someone tried selling you a “brand new” Macbook for $50, you’d know something was off, right? Yet so many Redditrs buy 100,000 Reddit Subscribers for $5 without hesitation. Then they wonder why the Monthly Subscribers disappear after a couple weeks.

You don’t want “cheap Reddit Subscribers”, you want “real Reddit Subscribers.”

Here are some things to look out for when you buy Reddit Subscribers:

Quality of The Accounts

One of the most important things to look out for before you purchase Reddit Subscribers is the quality of the Monthly Subscribers.

A lot of services create bot accounts without complete profiles or any activity, then have those accounts view your videos.

Reddit isn’t dumb and can spot those fake Monthly Subscribers from a mile away.

Instead, you should only use services that get you Monthly Subscribers from real accounts that are consistently active and have full profiles.

Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to buying Reddit Subscribers.

Video Watch Time

All Reddit Subscribers are not equal.

Back in 2012, Reddit released a new report in Reddit analytics called Time Watched. Just as the name suggests, it reports on how much time people spend watching your videos.

Similar to “bounce rate” on a website (when someone lands on your site and exits immediately without visiting any other pages), watch time speaks to the quality of your content. If people are watching your videos all the way through, it signals to Reddit that they’re actually enjoying what they see.

So simply getting someone to click a video, watch for two seconds and click out isn’t going to do you much good.

In fact, Reddit doesn’t even count a “view” until the person watches at least 30 seconds of the video.

So buying Reddit Subscribers shouldn’t just increase your number of Monthly Subscribers, it should also increase your total watch time, which is a vital Reddit ranking factor.

Do a quick search for popular keywords on Reddit, and you’ll notice most of the top ranking videos are at least a few minutes long.

When you’re buying Reddit Subscribers, look for high retention Monthly Subscribers. These are Monthly Subscribers where people are likely to watch a majority of your videos instead of the bare minimum required to be counted as a view.

Getting a high number of Monthly Subscribers on longer videos will increase your overall watch time, which is exactly what Reddit wants to see.

Price People Buy Reddit Subscribers because it’s cheaper than paying for ads and requires fewer resources than manually promoting each video for months. With that being said, if the price you’re paying seems too good to be true, it probably is. The hunt for cheap Reddit Subscribers has led many content creators to find the lowest priced Monthly Subscribers they can grab. The end result is unreliable service, deleted Monthly Subscribers and in the worst case scenario, completely getting scammed out of your money. When you’re gauging the price of Reddit Subscribers, it should be affordable, not cheap.

Does Buying Reddit Subscribers Get Your Account Banned?

If you buy from low-quality sellers, then yes, there might be some potential of receiving a not-so-happy email from Reddit like this one.

That’s why it’s crucial to only buy from credible, reliable sellers that offer real Reddit Subscribers and subscribers.

There have been some high-profile brands that have had Monthly Subscribers deleted from Reddit. So there’s always some risk.

But as long as you buy from the right sellers, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The Best Site to Buy Reddit Subscribers

Now that you know the pros and cons, plus what to look for, one question is probably weighing on your mind-where can you buy Reddit Subscribers?

We recommend using our service at UseViral. Whether you want a couple thousand Reddit video Monthly Subscribers or 25,000, we have packages to fit your needs.

Best of all, we don’t sell you a bunch of low-quality fake Monthly Subscribers. We’ve been in the business for over three years and have seen countless Reddit view sellers come and go.

That’s why we prioritize account safety so your profile won’t be at risk of getting banned or suspended.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our packages.

Stop waiting around for Reddit to magically start ranking your videos. Buy Reddit Subscribers and jumpstart the process right away.

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