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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Benefits of Buying YouTube Watch Hours

YouTube is a really great place to be if you are trying to produce amazing video content that you want more of your audience to see. You might have already tried to expand your brand on Instagram or Facebook, and now you're working on YouTube, and trying to learn how video content works, and how you can leverage it to your advantage. 

The trouble is when it comes to your YouTube channel is that it is going to be more difficult to grow than other platforms out there, because in order to monetize your YouTube channel, you need to get 4000 YouTube watch hours

However, if you haven't got the right YouTube growth strategy in place, it could take months and sometimes even years to get to this point, and all this time, you are going to be producing high quality video content, without getting paid for it. 

This reason and so many others is why it is worth buying YouTube watch hours, so that you can skip the line, and do your YouTube channel some massive favors.

Should You Buy Watch Hours on YouTube?

We all know that in the world of business, time is money. You've got a full schedule already and you might still even be holding down a day job.

If this is the case, then it is going to be pretty difficult for you to not only create amazing video content, but optimize your YouTube channel when it comes to your engagement strategy so that you can increase those YouTube watch hours and get them to a point where you're going to be able to actually make money from your videos. 

If this sounds like you, then you are a great candidate for buying watch hours. Working with a company that can provide you with YouTube watch hours is going to not only help you get the views on your content that you deserve, but help you leverage your channel, so that you can increase your growth in a really short amount of time, and skip having to wait months, and sometimes even years for YouTube to approve your channel, so that you can monetize your videos.

Will it Hurt Your Reputation?

One thing that you might be thinking about when considering buying watch hours is the reputation of your YouTube channel. You want to be able to increase your YouTube watch hours so that you can start making money from your videos, but you also want to keep your reputation intact at the same time. 

We completely understand this, which is why we would only ever recommend that you work with companies that have good reputations, and care about your reputation as much as theirs. 

UseViral has a really good reputation in the industry for not only taking care of their own reputation, but taking care of their client’s reputation as well, so at no point do you have to worry about your YouTube reputation being compromised. 

We don't recommend that you ever work with a company that doesn't care about your reputation, because you are going to end up wasting your time, and even losing big when it comes to the existing credibility that you have.

Is it Illegal to Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

As far as YouTube’s terms and conditions go, it definitely isn't illegal to purchase YouTube watch hours, as long as you are doing it in a way that is above board and complies with YouTube’s terms and conditions. 

When you work with companies like UseViral, you are going to be able to stick well within YouTube’s terms and conditions, so nothing about what you're doing is illegal. 

However, there are some companies out there that are going to compromise the legality of this process, because they are more interested in getting a quick profit from their engagement, than keeping their clients safe. 

The bottom line with this question is that it isn't illegal to buy watch hours for your YouTube channel, as long as you are working with a company that is making sure that everything that they do is in compliance with YouTube.

Is Customer Support Important?

From where we are sitting, customer support is extremely important, which is why companies like UseViral has made sure to produce some of the best customer support in the industry, allowing you to talk directly to a customer support person whenever you need to, and getting the help that you need. 

If you sign up for an ongoing service that can help you buy watch hours on YouTube, but they don't provide you with the ability to talk to them directly about any issues that you might be having, then this is going to result in a pretty frustrating experience.

Purchase From a Reputable Company (Like Useviral)

Just like with anything else in life, the more you know about a company before you sign up for their packages, the more confident you're going to feel about their ability to do their job, and take care of you when you use their services. 

Companies like UseViral make sure to have as much information about their team on their website as possible, so that you can read through this information, and get a really good idea of not only what the services are all about, but where the company has come from, how they source their engagement, and what they're doing behind the scenes on a consistent basis to make sure that you are having a really good experience. 

Generally speaking, we don't recommend that you work with a company that can't produce this kind of information from the get-go, because it means that there is a good chance that they are being elusive about other aspects of their service, and they definitely aren't as reliable as they claim to be. 

If they can't be upfront and honest with their clients from the beginning, then this is definitely a red flag and you should instead go with the company that is wanting to be as accountable as possible.