Can You Buy LinkedIn Connections?

When it comes to LinkedIn, getting more connections can mean a lot; nevertheless, most professionals struggle to increase their professional network, and when they fail to do so, they see if they can purchase LinkedIn connections to increase their circle.

LinkedIn is a network meant for professionals, and if you want to know why connections on this platform are worth so much, consider the following example.

You gain more Instagram friends, so your photos receive more likes. Similarly, it would help if you had more contacts on LinkedIn to find new employment opportunities, establish new business relationships, discover new candidates for recruitment, and more.

In addition, gaining more connections in the early stages of your profile can give it the initial push it needs and help you develop your social networks not only on LinkedIn but on other platforms as well.

If you are having difficulty gaining more connections on your LinkedIn profile and have decided to go the easy route of purchasing LinkedIn connections, then be sure to read today’s post, as it is full of advice that will provide you with all the knowledge you need about this approach.

Is it Possible to Purchase LinkedIn Connections?

You can purchase LinkedIn connections for your profile to increase your network and achieve your professional objectives. However, prior research is required if you intend to purchase LinkedIn connections, and this is for a good reason.

Not everything that glitters is gold. Recent years have seen a proliferation of companies that appear to be legitimate service providers but are not.

They recruit prospective clients through marketing, and as soon as someone contacts them to purchase LinkedIn connections, they make false promises to gain their trust and persuade them to use their services.

Once the individual sends them money, they either provide poor quality connections on their profile, typically from dead accounts (which are of no use), or they delay until they have collected enough money from several clients, at which point they vanish.

Because of this, you need to conduct research before getting LinkedIn connections and ensure that you purchase them from a reputable company that provides high-quality services

Is Purchasing LinkedIn Connections Safe?

Purchasing LinkedIn connections is safe. As long as you have a reliable service provider who can give you high-quality LinkedIn connections, you have nothing to worry about.

Experts advise that, before purchasing LinkedIn connections, you should be able to distinguish between a legitimate and a fraudulent service provider to avoid scams and verify that the service you are using is legal and secure.

Why Should You Purchase Connections on LinkedIn?

Those who have spent a significant amount of time on LinkedIn realize the significance of having more connections, but if you’re new to the network and want to know why gaining LinkedIn connections is such a huge deal, here are a few advantages.

1. Strengthen Your Network

You will get the opportunity to extend your social circle and develop your professional approach.

How? Suppose you have a few CEOs on your connections list after purchasing the service. This will help you climb the social ladder and expose you to more influential people on LinkedIn.

2. Enhance your Social Presence

On LinkedIn, professionals are evaluated based on their number of connections. To be considered successful, your profile must have at least 500 connections.

As a result, when you buy LinkedIn connections, your social presence grows, and people begin to take you more seriously; given the sheer number of connections on your profile, they will respect you even more.

3. Become Popular

Similar to how you gain popularity on Instagram by gaining followers, you gain popularity on LinkedIn by gaining contacts. Therefore, if your objective is to become an influencer on LinkedIn, you must expedite this process by purchasing your LinkedIn connections. 

How Do You Purchase LinkedIn Connections?

If you have decided to purchase LinkedIn connections for your profile, you can use the following guidelines to make sure you do it safely. 

1. Select a Reputable Seller

To make a secure purchase and maintain the integrity of your existing social network, you must avoid scam agencies and select a reputable supplier for purchasing LinkedIn connections.

It’s not easy to identify the appropriate service provider when so many agencies are vying for site traffic. Still, if you continue reading, you’ll find several indicators that can help determine whether a service provider is genuine.

2. Understand the Retention Rate

Select a service provider that guarantees a high customer retention rate. Not familiar with retention rate? Suppose you purchased LinkedIn connections, but most of the new connections you received were for inactive accounts. We refer to this as a low retention rate.

The majority of fraudulent agencies provide services with a low retention rate, which has no benefit. Therefore, you should find a service provider that guarantees a high retention rate for the LinkedIn contacts they supply.

3. Receptive Customer Care

This is an excellent way to spot a scammer, as the customer service departments of scam agencies is unprofessional and respond infrequently.

Suppose you make repeated attempts to reach the customer service department of a company but are unsuccessful. This indicates that the agency either does not have a customer care team or is too dishonest to address your inquiries.

4. Secure Payment Processing

Secure payment methods are always included on the websites of reputable service providers, allowing customers to feel comfortable and at ease during the payment process.

5. Prompt Delivery

Fake agencies always make unrealistic claims regarding their delivery schedule but never stick to them. Contrarily, authentic service providers never do this and always provide accurate time estimates.

And once they make a delivery commitment, they adhere to it because they value their brand and the expectations of their clients.

6. Money-Back Assurance

On an agency’s website, a money-back guarantee signifies that they are confident in their services and are prepared to issue a return if something goes wrong.

However, scam agencies are opposed to refunds and never issue them, as they know that their services are fraudulent and something will inevitably go wrong. Therefore, they do not provide customers with a refund option.

Where Can I Purchase LinkedIn Connections?

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Final Thoughts

You now have all the knowledge necessary to purchase LinkedIn followers and connections. Remember that the Internet is rife with con artists, so you must exercise extreme caution when selecting a service provider.

UseViral is the greatest option if you need LinkedIn contacts quickly. If you have any questions about this, please contact us directly.