How Much Do Youtubers Make in 2022? (Secret)

The Internet and social media have changed our world in many ways. They have changed the way we communicate and share our experiences, and they have changed the way we shop, learn and work.

Today, the Internet and social media allow people all around the world to build and maintain amazing careers, without having to invest too much in the beginning. 

We are all well aware, for example, that people are able to create careers on YouTube and even become rich from it. However, the type of people trying to build a career on YouTube is also changing.

If once they were teenagers with a dream and a lot of time at their disposal, today, there are educated professionals choosing this path for their careers.

Why? Because they know you can become rich as a YouTuber. But how much do YouTubers make? Let’s talk about this a bit more.

How to Earn Money on YouTube in 2022

As you already know, YouTube is a platform based on video sharing. Any type of video can be shared on the platform: fun videos, educational videos, tutorials, vlogs, documentaries, and more.

All you need to access the platform is your Google account and you can use YouTube as a content creator or an individual user. But how can content creators earn money on YouTube?

There are several ways of earning money on YouTube, but these days there are mainly two:

  1. Monetize your content: you can create content and monetize it, meaning that ads will be displayed before or during your video and you’ll gain a small commission for each view.
  2. Sponsor: you can promote a product or service on your video and you can be paid by the company to do this (you need to have quite a big audience before you are able to land these types of deals with companies).

So, this is how YouTubers make money on YouTube, but how much do they make?

How Much do YouTubers Make on the Platform?

Making videos on YouTube, for many people around the world, isn’t a side hustle. On the contrary, it has become their main source of income and even, for some, has paved the path to extreme wealth.

To give you an idea of how much the most successful YouTuber make, let’s take a look at how much the top five YouTubers have earned with their videos:

5. Markiplier: $19.5 million

4. Rhett and Link $20 million 

3. Dude Perfect – $20 million 

2. MrBeast – $24 million 

1. Ryan Kaji – $29.5 million

How to Monetize Your Content on YouTube

Would you like to reach the same results as the list above? It all starts with YouTube monetization. To do this, you will need to join the YouTube Partner Program. This is how:

  1. Log into your YouTube account and click on your account name.
  2. Click on ‘YouTube Studio’
  3. Click on ‘Monetization’ and then ‘Enable’. 

Your account needs to be eligible for participating in the program. If you are still not eligible – for example, because you’ve just started, and you haven’t amassed enough watch hours

You can click on ‘notify me when I’m eligible’. This way, as soon as you are able, you can start earning money on YouTube.

How Does the YouTube Partner Program Work?

You can consider the YouTube Partner Program as an affiliate program. With affiliate programs, you earn a commission for any purchase made through the links you share on your videos.

With the YouTube Partner Program, you earn a commission for every ad watched before or during your videos.

All you need to do after you’ve joined the program is upload your content and interact with your community. You don’t choose which ads are displayed before your videos, YouTube takes care of this. 

Just like the name suggests, with this system you become a partner of YouTube. You are working alongside YouTube and sharing the profit.

To participate in this program, make sure you cover the following:

  • make sure your channel complies with the platform policies. For example, you can’t share violent content or nude and explicit content.
  • make sure you already have 1,000 subscribers on your channel and a total of more than 4000 watch hours (if you want to accelerate the process, you can reach these numbers by buying YouTuber followers here at UseViral).
  • Accept the YouTuber Partner Program’s terms.
  • Signup for GoogleAdSense and connect your account.
  • Fill in all the required forms and provide the requested documents.

When you are all set up, YouTube will transfer any money you make to your account once a month.

YouTuber Partner Program: Advantages

The greatest advantage offered by the YouTube Partner Program is that your earnings can increase exponentially with your popularity. The more people that watch your videos, the higher your growth rate will be in terms of income.

Building a career this way means you can work from any place in the world, you can be your own boss, and – more importantly- you have the freedom to share the content that you like and create a community around it. 

Furthermore, the program doesn’t forbid you from earning other sources of income like, for example, external affiliate programs.

If you create content, say, where you share your opinion on products you buy on Amazon, you could earn with the YouTube Partner Program (based on the number of views you get) and with the Amazon Affiliate Program by sharing the affiliate links in the video description.

YouTube Analytics

Of course, if you want to build a career on YouTube, you need to reach as many viewers as you can. To do this, one of the most important tools you need to make the most of is metrics. YouTube can help you with this. With YouTube Analytics you can know how your videos perform on the platform, so that you can improve your strategy even further.

So what do you think about YouTubers and the potential to make money. Time to begin your career and start exploring what is possible. Did you know that Useviral can help you begin to get more YouTube subscribers, views and likes!