How to Post on Instagram from a PC, Laptop & Mac the Easy Way!

Posting on social media via mobile phone is a quick and easy task, one that most of us can probably do without much thought. Have you ever opened up your Mac or PC and tried to do the same? It’s definitely not as simple as one might think.

With Instagram designed for optimal user experience on mobile phones, posting from a PC requires some instructions. But, fear not! 

It is by no means impossible, and we’ve created this straightforward guide to learning how to post on Instagram from a PC, Laptop or Mac. 

First, we need to think about web browsers, as they are not all the same. As of June 202, according to StatCounter Global Statistics, Chrome boasts a lead in market share. Chrome holds 66% of all market share, with Safari coming in at the next spot with a mere 16%. That’s roughly 50% lead overall browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Samsung Internet, among others.

Why does this matter? For the purpose of our tutorial, you will want to use the Chrome internet browser when posting to IG from your PC or Mac. At the end, we’ll share some alternatives, but using Chrome will prove to be the most accessible for all. 

Why Post on Instagram from a PC or Mac in the First Place? 

For those that are highly invested in their content creation, the preferred medium is through DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) photography and photo editing.

This is typically done through a PC or Mac, which would then require the photos to be stored in some kind of photo sharing service, downloaded to your phone or sent via airdrop, and then finally uploaded to Instagram. Not only is that a big hassle, but you’ve got duplicate photos spread out all over the place. Talk about clutter! 

Going direct from PC/Mac editing to IG upload is much more streamlined and can cut out a lot of that lost time in transfers and uploading. 

Here’s How to Post on Instagram from a PC, Laptop & Mac?

How to Post on Instagram From a PC or Laptop

Let’s take a look at how to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac in 4 easy-to-follow steps. 

Step 1

The start of the process begins with you logging into your IG account on your Mac or PC. Once in, right click anywhere in the browser window and at the bottom of the dropdown menu you will see the option “inspect.” This will open the code inspector for Chrome; if those two words together cause a mini heart attack, don’t worry. You won’t need to be a professional coder to make this happen! You can actually ignore most of that HTML stuff. 

Once you click “inspect,” your browser will be divided into two sections. On the left, you will see the page. On the right, you will see the coding window. Don’t worry about the content there. What you’re really looking for is at the top left corner of the coding side; there is a small icon with a tablet and a cell phone. When you mouse over it, it’s called “toggle device toolbar.” 

Upon clicking this icon, you will see the content on the left side of the screen change. This is exactly what you want to happen. 

Step 2

Clicking on that tablet/phone icon in step one changed your once PC/Mac view of IG to the mobile view. It also gave you some new menu options at the top of the left side of your screen. It will first say “responsive” in the dropdown menu. Click that dropdown menu and choose the device of your preference to continue with the process. You can choose your own device, or a popular device like one of the most recent iPhones. 

Step 3

After selecting the device of your choice, look for the percentage at the top of the left side. Click that dropdown menu and make sure that the option “fit to window” is selected. This will be important for step 4; if you don’t have this option selected, sometimes it will not scroll down far enough to see the “add photo” button, and from this device view you cannot scroll. 

Step 4

By now you should see a screen that looks basically the same as what you’d see on your mobile phone if you opened up Instagram. You should also see a plus sign icon (+) at the bottom of the screen in the middle. If for some reason you don’t see that, refresh your screen and it most often appears. 

Once you click this plus sign icon (+) a window will appear and it will allow you to select the photo you want to upload to your Instagram. Select the image, click next, and then you will follow the remaining steps to upload your photo to Instagram. You will see the screen to move and select the part of your image you’d like to use as well the caption screen. Click “share” and your post will be live! 


Non-Chrome Alternatives 

Chrome is a free download, and if you are able to download it, it is highly recommended as it is a quick, easy, and free method to post your photos to Instagram via PC or Mac. If you don’t, as promised, we do have some other options for you. 

You can always use a third-party scheduler to help get you the PC/Mac access you need. Hootsuite is one of the most popular Instagram scheduling tools on the market today, and it can assist you in getting your photos live on IG without using a mobile counterpart. 

Another viable option could be BlueStacks. This is not an Instagram post scheduler; it is actually a type of emulator that will allow you to access mobile apps from your PC/Mac. 

Remember, Instagram ultimately has the last word on how third-party apps engage with Instagram, and this can sometimes cause their functionality to be affected. It’s always a good idea to start with a free trial and make sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied before committing. But, if all else fails, remember that using the Chrome method won’t cost you a dime!

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