How to Do a Facebook Search Without an Account 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

It currently boasts 2.9 billion worldwide users. This means that three out of every four social media users are active on this platform.

Interestingly, the Facebook population does not consist of people alone, but businesses as well.

Therefore, you can search for just about anyone on this platform, as long as you have their name. You can also search for groups, brands, products, and even events close to you.

Once you are logged into your Facebook account, you can easily search for anyone by entering your keywords in the search bar. Contrary to what many people think, a Facebook search can be done whether or not you have a Facebook account.

While these methods may not be as straightforward as a direct search on the Facebook app or website, they can help you find what you’re looking for, and this is the most important thing.

So, whether you’re logged out of your account or you’re one of the few people who are yet to join this platform, this article will show you how to search for someone on Facebook without creating an account. 

How to Do a Facebook Search Without an Account 

The most common way to search for someone on Facebook is to use the search bar while logged in on the app or website. However, if you aren’t logged in, you can still do a Facebook search using four trusted methods. 

If one method does not work for you, you can try out another method. They’re free, easy, and will not take up too much of your time.

1. The Facebook Directory

If you want to run a Facebook search and you don’t have an active account, the Facebook directory is the first place you should visit. Facebook recently rolled out this unique feature, and it has been a great addition to the social media giant.

Before you can use the Facebook directory, you need to verify that you are not a robot. Most users find this a little inconvenient, but that’s the only downside of this tool.  

The Facebook directory allows you to search using three distinct categories: people category, pages category, and places category.

People Category: This allows you to search for people on Facebook without logging in. However, the results vary according to the privacy settings of the user you are searching for. Some Facebook users have public profiles which allow you to see their profile information whether you are logged in or not.

However, some limit how much of their profile you can see if you aren’t logged in. People with extreme privacy concerns may even remove their profiles completely from the Facebook directory. Still, if you want to search for someone without logging into Facebook, this is a great place to start.

Page Directory: This allows you to search for pages on Facebook without logging in. Pages include business pages, celebrity pages, and even educational pages. So, if you’re searching for your favourite celebrity, business, or even an event, you can easily find them without being logged into Facebook.

Place Directory: Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can search for places on Facebook. The place directory allows you to discover exciting new places in every city. 

So, whether you’re planning a vacation, a business trip, or looking for a luxury neighbourhood, the place directory can help you discover just what you’re looking for.  

2. Google Search 

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and it can help you find any information you’re looking for. So, if you don’t have a Facebook account and you want to search for someone or something on this platform, Google can help you out.

You can search for someone by putting the person’s name in the Google search box. However, when it comes to Facebook search, you need to filter your search results by including the phrase “” beside the keyword in the search bar.  

Using this method, you can search for people, places, and pages. If you use the right keyword, which could either be a person’s full name or a brand name, then you can get accurate results without having to create a new Facebook account or log into your existing account.

3. Ask a Friend

If you don’t have a Facebook account and you don’t want to spend time trying out the methods listed above, you can simply ask a friend to search for you. This is a great option if you’re in a hurry, and if you want to directly search within Facebook. 

Using a friend’s account is an easy method to search on Facebook, and it saves you the stress of creating an account you probably won’t need at all.

4. Social Search Engines

There are several social search engines that allow you to do a Facebook search without logging in. These search engines use sophisticated algorithms that collate data from Facebook and can deliver all the results you want about a person, place, brand, or page. 

You can run a quick Google search to discover the best social search engines for you. 


One of the most impressive features of Facebook is that it allows you to conveniently search for people, places and pages. This feature requires you to have a Facebook account.

However, you can still run a Facebook search if you do not have an account or if you have been locked out of your account. 

While these methods are not straightforward, they can still give you the results that you need. If you’re short on time and you don’t mind asking for help, you should consider reaching out to a friend to help you search using his or her account. But if this is not an option for you, feel free to try out any of the other methods listed in this article.