How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories 

Get more views on Instagram

Instagram stories is an exciting feature that allow you to share the highlight of your day with your audience. Since its introduction in 2016, it has been a top favourite of big brands and influencers. 

This is because stories are a unique way to capture the interest of your audience through bite-sized content that can be consumed in 15 seconds or less.  

While big names on Instagram might find it extremely easy to amass thousands of views on their stories, this is quite a struggle for lesser-known brands. If you aren’t taking advantage of this feature, or you don’t get enough views even after doing everything right, then this article is for you. 

First, we’ll highlight the benefits of Instagram stories, and then we’ll discuss the best strategies that can help you increase the views on your Instagram stories. 

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories?

Whether you’re a business owner, a social media marketer, or a brand influencer, Instagram stories deserve a place in your marketing strategy. One reason why you should use Instagram stories is that it helps you engage with your followers on a more personal level.

This will improve their perception of your brand and make them see you as real and authentic. 

It also allows you to post a variety of content and express your creativity. With Instagram stories, you don’t have to worry that your content may not be consistent with your brand.

You also get to engage with your audience using polls, open-ended questions, and quizzes. This is an effective way to get quick feedback and know how your audience feels about a specific topic. 

Even more interestingly, research has shown that you can increase your customer retention rate by a whopping 70% just by posting five engaging stories a day. 

However, as beneficial as Instagram stories are, your efforts to grow your business using this tool will all be for naught if you don’t have enough views. So, now that you know why you should include Instagram stories in your marketing strategy, let’s talk about how you can get more views on every story you post.

How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories: 7 Ways

We have compiled a well-researched list of the most effective ways to get more views on your Instagram stories. So, if you’re struggling to get a decent number of views on your stories, these are the strategies you need to implement:

1. Post During Peak Hours

Sure, it’s your account and you get to schedule your own posts. However, you also need to be aware of the importance of timing. If you post randomly, you might be posting at times when your audience is asleep, busy at work, or just inactive.

There is no true indicator of when your audience will be active, however if you post Instagram stories before 6a.m. or after 9p.m., your posts might get little to no engagement because people are generally inactive during these periods.

However, peak periods vary from audience to audience, so if you want to identify the times when your audience is most active, check out your post analytics for specific information. 

2. Be Consistent 

If you want to amass plenty of views on your Instagram stories, you need to post frequently. In fact, the Instagram algorithm encourages posting more stories, as this will increase your visibility. But you also need to know that balance is key.

While it is true that more stories will increase your visibility, you also need to understand that the more stories you post, the lower the chances of your audience watching them until the end. Your views will start to drop if you are posting too much.

To maintain a balance, you should aim for 5 to 10 stories every day.

3. Use the Right Hashtags

Sometimes, your posts may not be getting enough attention because you did not use the righthashtags. Hashtags are a great tool to help you boost your post visibility. When you use optimised hashtags, your stories will be seen by a large audience, which includes people who are not following you.

While Instagram posts allow up to 30 hashtags, stories allow only 10. This might seem small, but it is just enough for you to reach your target audience. 

4. Tag Your Location

If you want to get viewers from a particular location, this is a very effective strategy you should use. When you tag your location, your Instagram stories will become visible to interested users within that vicinity.

Tagging your location also increases your chances of appearing in search results. When somebody searches for the location that you have tagged, they will be able to see your stories, along with any other posts you may have tagged as well.

5. Use Stickers 

Most Instagram users love to use stickers, and it’s easy to see why. Stickers are aesthetically appealing. They can grab your audience’s attention.

But that’s not the only reason why you should use stickers. Stickers can also help you build a personal connection with your audience. If you want to drive engagement, we recommend using the question stickers.

This allows you to ask your audience personal questions. When they respond, their message goes right into your DM. By responding to them, you’ll not only show you care, but you’ll also be giving them a personal reason to click on your stories in the future. 

6. Highlight Your Top Stories 

Instagram stories have a short lifespan. They disappear after 24 hours. However, when your stories disappear, Instagram automatically archives them so you can view them whenever you want.

The highlight feature allows you to organise your best stories in albums that are displayed at the top of your profile, just under your bio.

When anyone visits your profile, they usually scan through your highlights to know more about your brand. This ultimately increases the number of views on your stories.

7. Buy Instagram Story Views

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Instagram is a platform where aesthetics are king. This emphasises the need to post visually appealing content in your Instagram stories and highlights.

By using the strategies outlined in this article, you will be able to safely increase your views and further strengthen your social media presence, which is a great way to get the Instagram algorithm to notice you.