How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram

Allows users to share photos and videos with a variety of useful and engaging features. In the past, it was a sole entity; now, since it’s a part of Facebook, which allows seamless sharing between networks.

Instagram allows you to follow users, who can then, in turn, follow you. If the account is public, you can follow without being accepted by the account owner, but if the account is private, they’ll need to accept you as Instagram has been one of the most popular social media networks for quite some time; it a follower.

There are so many opportunities these days via Instagram– celebrities stay connected with fans and keep them posted, businesses offer their products and promotions, and influencers share new brands with users and give them a peek into their lifestyles, even some life hacks. Users can see a variety of meme pages that can brighten their day and give them a laugh, or even find accounts with life hacks for making things easier. News accounts help the world stay up-to-date with global events. The possibilities are endless.

How to See Who Stalks Your Instagram

How to See Who Stalks Your Instagram

The one thing that is still a mystery for many users, and they’re often left asking– who views my profile? While Instagram has all of those amazing features for sharing and engaging with others, there is no option for us to see who has actually been checking us out.

Why Do People Care Who Looks at Their Instagram?

There are a variety of reasons as to why people want to know who is checking out their IG profile.

For instance, if you’re an influencer, brand, or business, knowing what users are viewing your page helps to understand your target audience. If you were viewed and not followed, it can also help you to reflect on what possible reasons exist for not following you, and then take action on making content adjustments and the like.

It also helps to know, aside from individual users, how many views you’re actually getting, allowing you to take action to help build your reach and get more exposure. You can gage your popularity by knowing how many users are viewing your profile.

In cases where you may actually have unwanted attention, knowing who viewed your IG profile can help you to avoid undesirable or escalating situations by blocking necessary accounts.

The methods that we will review in this article are mostly free, so the good news is that you’ll have a way to find out how many people are “stalking” you on IG without having to front much from your wallet.

So, are you popular?

Let’s get into the different ways you can find out who stalks your Instagram.

Method 1: Follower Insight App

Without the help of a third-party app, it’s going to be virtually impossible to find out who has viewed your account, so here we’ve created a list of apps that can help you do just that.

According to the Follower Insight App, they can help you:

  • Understand your IG popularity
  • See people who follow or unfollow your account
  • Popularity and engagement with content and media that you’ve posted
  • The hashtags that you’ve used in posts
  • Location tag analysis of your posts
  • Accounts that like/comment most frequently

With access to all of this information, you’ll have a much better idea of who is viewing your account most frequently and what users are actually engaging with content.

It can also tell you which accounts block you; as soon as this happens you will receive a notification.

This app offers a lot of great features to help you see who has been stalking and engaging with your content, and it’s super user-friendly to navigate. Since the app is free, you’ve got nothing to lose in downloading it to check out what it can offer you.

Method 2: Social Plus App

This is another really useful Instagram follower tracking app that allows you to see who is viewing your Instagram profile. According to Social Plus, they can help you to:

  • Track who follows/unfollows you
  • Find out which accounts engage the most
  • Search for analytics reports
  • Find out which followers are not following you back
  • See who blocked you
  • Engage with fans
  • Visit other IG profiles and stories from inside the app

One feature that can really help in understanding your growth strategy is seeing which of your followed accounts are not following you back. If you have been using a follow/unfollow strategy for growth, and many accounts you’ve followed didn’t give you a follow back, you know exactly which accounts you can unfollow.

Alternatively, you can reach out or engage with those accounts to see if you can win them over.

Another benefit to this information is that you can think about what didn’t work and why they decided not to follow you. Any data you have can help you to reflect on what content is working well and decide how to adjust from there.

This app is free but does offer in-app purchases.

Method 3: Followers Plus

This is a free app that allows you to easily view an overview of your Instagram on an IG dashboard. The dashboard includes stats such as:

  • New followers
  • Lost followers
  • Not following back
  • You’re not following back
  • Deleted likes/comments

At the bottom of this dashboard, there are four icons, including audience, posts, engagements, and search.

It also allows you to see a breakdown of your best posts and worst posts by showing you most/least popular, and most/least likes and comments.

As with the above apps, you will be able to see who has blocked your account.

This is a great option that doesn’t cost you anything, and has a great interface as well. There are a lot of possibilities here, and if you use multiple accounts, that is also supported by this app.

Method 4: SocialView for Instagram

This app used to be known as InstaView, but has recently re-branded to SocialView.

This app can do much of what we’ve seen in other accounts. You will be able to see which accounts are offering you the most engagements, which accounts are following or not following you, and which accounts have blocked you.

You will receive notifications and reports based on this info.

One beneficial reason to know which accounts are most engaged with you is that you are able to then target their followers, which may likely be interested in your content as you have a follower in common. This is a great strategy to build reach.

SocialView is not free; they have a variety of subscription options which are renewed through the App store automatically depending on which plan you choose.

Method 5: Follow Meter

This is another app that offers tiered monthly subscription options through the app/play store.

As you can see, most of these apps have common functionalities; this app will also tell you what followers are “ghost followers–” followers that don’t engage with any of your content or are basically fake or non-responsive to any of your posts. This can be beneficial in getting rid of some of those fake followers that aren’t really interested in your stuff.

It also has a nice “activity meter” which will give you plenty of insights on who is stalking your Instagram account and help you to understand how to get more engagement through targeting or most successful content.

Final Thoughts

Here we’ve given you 5 solid options for finding out who is stalking your Instagram. Through these apps you can gain valuable knowledge about which followers are engaging most with your content, which content is performing both best and worst, which accounts are following you back, and which accounts have blocked you.

These are all insights that at first glance could seem trivial. Why would I care who is my top fan with the most engagement? They’re already engaging, so what does that matter? I’m trying to grow my account.

Of course the ultimate goal is follower growth and higher engagement levels, but there are many benefits we can learn from our top fans and stalkers.

Which posts are they liking? Why are they liking them? Finding out which pieces of content is most successful among followers can help you to follow those patterns and make adjustments so that you have even more top-performing posts.

Furthermore, you can use those top fans or most engaged accounts by visiting their followers and engaging with their followers’ accounts; if you’re using the follow/unfollow method, you will be able to see via these apps whether or not you were able to gain any new followers through your strategy.

You can also then create content that has a call-to-action, like a question/poll/call to share post/tag friends/contest. These types of action posts can get your top followers to share or engage with your posts, tagging other friends who may be interested, and here you get a lot of free marketing from your top fans. The one thing you want to make sure to do is keep your content authentic, engaging, and also relevant to your niche/brand/image.

All in all, these are 5 great starting points for finding out who are your Instagram stalkers. Take a look and see which one works best for you! Let us know in the comments!

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