Best Twitter Growth Services in 2022

Twitter growth services can help you advance on Twitter as one of the top social media platforms – the statistics don’t lie, and without a healthy audience of active followers that will engage with and retweet your content, you’re not likely to launch to success on Twitter. 

Twitter can also be a great network to funnel traffic to other social media sites, like YouTube or Instagram, as well as promote your direct website and new products or services that you offer. It can be tough to grow your Twitter followers, so you’ll want to look to a reliable growth service to help supplement them. 

There are many growth services to choose from, but we have a couple that we can recommend that can bring you top quality in terms of followers as well as service prices. You want to go with a service that will bring you real, engaged Twitter followers, so that’s what we’ll focus on in our top options. 

Take a look at our top recommendations for what will most certainly be the best Twitter growth services for gaining traction.

Let’s dive right in.

Twesocial – Best Twitter Growth Service

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Twesocial is our recommended pick for the top Twitter growth service for a variety of reasons. With Twesocial, you’re bound to be satisfied with your new Twitter followers because they work directly according to your targeting instructions, finding followers likely to engage with your content and be interested in it. 

The service that Twesocial offers is unlike others in the sense that they don’t mess around with bots, fake followers, or inactive accounts. They use fully-managed interactions that allow them to find followers that will benefit your account and get them looking at your content. 

They can use any targets that you provide them with, which means that they are effective in any and every niche. When you gain followers that are interested in or connected to your niche, they’re more likely to engage with your content, which will help you perform better against the Twitter algorithms. Twesocial has already got over 10k active and satisfied clients, so we’re sure that you’ll be their next one!

They offer two affordable monthly plans to get you started, and you can choose which one works best for you without worrying about a commitment, as they are both no-contract plans. 

With Twesocial’s hand-tailored targeting, you’ll love the results that they provide you. They’re our recommended Twitter growth service, hands down


Another great option is UseViral, whose service will enable you to buy real, targeted Twitter followers with a quick and seamless service. This is optimal in terms of gaining social proof as well as competing with big brands and competitor accounts. 

After you sign up with UseViral, they will ask you for your targeting options, and then they’ll begin to generate interest around your account, bringing on real followers that will boost your engagement. 

When you have followers that actively engage on Twitter, your brand will look more credible, boosting your reputation and encouraging others to take you seriously. Not only that, you’ll be more competitive in terms of other high-performing accounts in your niche. 

The good thing about UseViral is that they always bring you real, targeted followers over time and don’t pump your account full of fake followers who won’t do anything. Avoid services like that, as they’ll only hurt your account. 

UseViral has two service options depending on the speed of growth you’re looking for, so you’ll definitely find something that can work within your budget and your goals. If your aim is to find real, targeted Twitter followers, UseViral is a reliable and easy-to-use service to do exactly that.


If you’re looking for a Twitter growth services that can help you expand on your strategy and build your brand with long-term goals in mind, Agorapulse can help you achieve that. Because Twitter is heavily based around engagement, you’ll need to stay responsive and interactive with your followers and users that view or engage with your content. 

Agorapulse can help you streamline your Twitter inbox and make sure you never miss a comment, which helps with your social cred. They can also help you organize and schedule your Twitter content, never missing a beat with your posts, keeping you relevant and consistent on Twitter. 

All of their insights are actionable, which is extremely valuable; combining Agorapulse with Twesocial or UseViral definitely gives you a huge one-up on competitors’ Twitter growth.


Jarvee has been a favorite because of all of the different options you have in terms of engagements. When a service offers so many engagement options, they run on automation; Twitter has some strict rules about how automation services run on their platform, but Jarvee can still be effective depending on your targets and growth expectations. 

Jarvee offers a 5-day trial so you can check them out, although 5 days really isn’t enough time to see how an organic growth service is going to truly work on your Twitter growth. You’ve got to test out any service for a bit longer to get a real idea of how they’ll work. 

In any case, Jarvee can be a simple option that gets the job done; they offer three options and can work across multiple accounts if you manage more than one.


While bot services have typically been extinguished from Twitter growth, Tweepi is an AI-powered Twitter growth service that can still bring you some results. 

While you won’t see the hand-tailored targeting that you’ll get with the above services, Tweepi allows you to set up your account with your preferred targets in mind, and will then use AI to find followers that adhere to those targets. 

Tweepi can also help you to analyze your Twitter followers and clear out any accounts that are useless or hindering your follower to engagement ratio through being inactive. It’s good to keep an eye on your follower quality. 

Tweepi offers a variety of plans and options for payment, which is good if you want yearly or monthly options. If you go monthly, you can cancel at any time. 

For an AI-powered service, Tweepi is a good option, but if you want more targeted results and are really focused on bringing in top quality followers that are hyper-connected to your niche, a managed service like Twesocial or UseViral may be a better option. 

Final Thoughts on the best twitter growth services

These five Twitter growth services are some of the best in the market, and are most certainly going to be heavy hitters in Twitter growth in 2022. They’ve already got huge client bases and are perpetually delivering on the results that they promise. 

One thing you can do to help the services work at the optimal level is to provide relevant targeting instructions and maintain productive and engaging Twitter content. Because these growth services work on the premise of bringing you real followers, you’ll want to ensure that you are doing your part to catch the attention of the new users that are being drawn to your account. 

After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Hiring a growth service to expand your reach and get targeted users looking at your content is awesome, just make sure that you’ve got interesting and relevant offerings for those users and they’ll be followers in no time! 

There are no better services to bring you targeted users and help you to understand your Twitter performance than the ones on this list. Happy growing! 

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