Best Instagram Bots for Massive Growth

If you’re looking for the best Instagram bot services then this article is a must-read.

It’s truly a time for change when it comes to how to grow your business or brand online.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is a proven winner when it comes to getting your audience to take any action on your content whether that’s commenting, liking, sharing, and other stuff like that.

When you use the best Instagram bot services to help grow your account with a flood of real followers it makes your life a lot easier because you can focus on doing things like looking for content ideas, engaging with your followers, or living your life.


HashtagsForLikes is a different kind of Instagram bot service because it’s not actually an Instagram “bot”. The reason we’re including it is that it’s the future when it comes to getting organic Instagram followers in 2022 and beyond.

With all the trouble Instagram is giving their 3rd party (unofficial) bot service providers, it’s a smart choice on your part to look into alternative methods.

HashtagsForLikes has massive features that have been developed by working with thousands of businesses, brands, and creators just like yourself to give them a competitive edge in the market.

As of today, their Hashtag Database is the largest one in the world.

That’s pretty impressive — and it doesn’t stop there.

Aside from being able to search for and find out detailed statistics about any hashtag and all relevant hashtags, they also give you the ability to track and understand what is happening inside any profile.

What I mean is that with the analyzer feature from HashtagsForLikes, you’re able to look up any Instagram account and see detailed stats such as followers vs the following graph, your engagement ratio, the top 10 most popular content the profile has posted, and top mentions.

And you probably thought that since we feel that HashtagsForLikes is in a strong first for the best Instagram bot services, we’d be biased — Right?

Well, as of today there are over 4,000 users on the HashtagsForLikes platform that are experiencing amazing growth.

2). YoViral

Next up in our “Best Instagram bots” list is Yoviral. These guys are an Instagram growth platform that gives you the ability to buy real likes and views.

The cool part about YoViral when it comes to growing your Instagram is the fact that they give you the option to get the views or likes “dripped” over time.

If you’re going to buy bulk likes and views (which we don’t recommend), then we always say to drip them over time.

You can do real damage to your branding image if you flood your account with bulk likes and views too quickly.

While we always embrace authenticity over buying Instagram followers, likes, or views on Instagram, we understand that there’s a time and a place to do so.

All we ask is that you move forward with caution or use a company that helps you build an audience for the long term like HashtagsForLikes.

3). ViralRace

Third, on our list of Best Instagram bot services is ViralRace. ViralRace is known as one of the go-to services for buying real followers, views, and likes, that are actively engaged instead of bots.

They claim absolutely real followers from real people because they have a proprietary growth engine which means they built it themselves.

ViralRace also mentioned that you’ll see over 10x the growth, engagement, and retention compared to organically growing your Instagram, but we have to disagree with that one.

The accounts we tested did get good results, but it wasn’t anywhere near 10x.

Pricing is pretty solid starting at roughly $6.99 for 500 likes, followers, or views.

In any case, we’re still leery of any company that can promise any amount of followers or any type of engagement because it’s just not realistic.

4). SocialCaptain

Be the captain of your Instagram account with SocialCaptain. If you want a hands-off approach to growing your Instagram account (which we don’t recommend anymore), then you can go with these guys.

As with other bot companies for Instagram — you have to set up the targeting instructions and provide them with your login information so that they can connect your account to their system.

Once that’s finished, you’ll start to notice actions (following, liking, commenting) being taken automatically on your behalf.

There’s a range of features like auto-follow, unfollow, like, comment, and others, but it’s always best practice to start off slow with only a few features.

While we have not had any problems with SocialCaptain, we need to warn you that Instagram is banning accounts that use bots without warning. So, just be careful and proceed with caution.

SocialCaptain has a 7 day package for $15 (per week), a 30 day package for $39 (per month), and a turbo package for $99 (per month).

You can save on their pricing by going for an annual package.

They also offer a free trial, so you can give them a test drive before committing.


As of 2022, the best Instagram bot services are actually moving away from the automation that they provide. At this time, the above services are still accepting new accounts.

Like I mentioned earlier, HashtagsForLikes is the only service that doesn’t provide any type of “automation” which gives you the safety and security of never having a risk of being banned.

If you’re looking for real and organic Instagram followers, then you definitely want to grow your Instagram with HashtagsForLikes.

Aside from their highly tuned system that’s been developed on the feedback of power users that have millions of followers collectively, you’ll be getting world-class support that’s truly missing from any other Instagram bot that we’ve tried.

Plus, they offer a cancel anytime policy and a full video bank of helpful tips and tricks that you can use to get maximum growth in minimum time.

Have something to say? Have you tried one of these best Instagram bot services?

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What are you going to do moving forward to get more Instagram followers and better engagement?

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