Best Instagram Growth Services In 2022

There’s never been a better time to get the inside scoop when it comes to the best Instagram growth services in 2022.

As you might be aware, Instagram has over 1 billion users (as of 2018 — I know it’s old, but I couldn’t find a better statistic) and it’s been proven that those users are more likely to take actions and engage on your content and links to products and services which in turn creates revenue.

Building an audience on Instagram has never been easier because of these best Instagram growth services.

There are tons of them out there and there. Some are amazing at what they do and of course, there are some out there that don’t help you whatsoever.

It’s my goal of this article to show your which are the best Instagram growth services to help you get real Instagram followers that love your account, love your content, and love you as a personal brand or business.

Remember: Organic growth is the most important thing when it comes to building a long term income or Instagram account that has the potential to change your life.

Why create great content for fake Instagram followers or fake engagement? It’s all about real people seeing your account and turning those prospects into followers for life.

Let’s dive in!

HashtagsForLikes – Powerful Growth for Instagram

Our choice out of the best Instagram growth services is HashtagsForLikes.

The reason for this is because they have created an insane dashboard yet to be topped by any other provider.

HashtagsForLikes gives you the tools you need to get organic Instagram followers without having any risk of getting banned because you don’t need to connect your account to their dashboard.

When you become a premium member, you’re put directly into the driver’s seat of features like their Hashtag Research Tool that gives you the detailed information of millions of different hashtags you can use that will help you massively increase your reach (organically).

Aside from their Hashtag Research Tool, as a premium member, you get access to their cutting edge Analyzer Tool that helps you get an idea of how your account is stacking up against any others out there in the Instagram world.

We love not only studying the graphs that give you information about follower count, following count, top mentions, top engaging content, and much more.

This function shaves tons of time off finding content from our competitors that’s working like gold for them. Take that, modelled in our own flavour and we’ve produced content that our audience wants in record time.

Pricing is great as well. Out of all the companies we’ve reviewed, HashtagsForLikes was the best value for the buck.

Starting at $19.99 per week, you get everything I mentioned above, PLUS you get their world-class customer support (yet to find better in this industry), AND you get access to their just-released TikTok Hashtag Research tool included.

If you want real and organic Instagram followers then this is truly one of the best Instagram growth services out there right now.


Ingramer is our next choice of the best Instagram promotion services for 2022.

While a lot different than HashtagsForLikes, Ingramer still stacks up pretty well.

As we mentioned before, you don’t actually have to connect your Instagram account to HashtagsForLikes (which is a huge benefit). With Ingram, you have to set up your account by entering your username and password.

That’s the only way it will work. That being said, we’ve tested them and they are secure.

Here’s the rub though — With Instagram pushing hard to get rid of all automation bots (which is what Ingramer is), they are banning and suspending tons of people that are using them which is bad news.

We always recommend proceeding with caution if you use a service like Ingramer in 2022 because there’s a possibility that you will get banned.

The features offered by Ingramer are pretty standard when it comes to an Instagram growth service with things such as auto-like, follow direct messages, a scheduler, and other Instagram tools.

You can manage your growth campaign from any device which is good. Simply log in to their dashboard and you can change and update any of your settings or targeting instructions.

When using a tool like Ingramer to grow your Instagram organically, you have to set up your targeting instructions. Things like users you want to target, hashtags, and also location.

If you decide to use these guys and you aren’t seeing results, try changing your targeting information and see how that works.

Stellation Media

Our third pick when it comes to the best Instagram growth services on the market today is Stellation Media.

They are a VERY close third though. And to be honest, we got better results using them vs. Ingramer (Still behind HashtagsForLikes), but the reason why we decided to place them third on the list was because of their dashboard user experience.

We like pretty and we like simple, which is where they need some work.

All that being said though, it’s not hard to use by any means. Like I said above, you have to connect your account and set up your targeting instructions if you want to grow your Instagram, but once you do that it’s pretty hands off.

As with Ingramer, you have to be very careful not to put yourself in a position where you can get banned from taking additional actions manually (liking, commenting, following, etc) because the Stellation system will be doing that for you as well.

Unlike Ingramer, Stellation has no automation which means the auto follow, liking, and that sort of thing is out the window. And, in our experience, that’s where you get the most results.


Choosing one of these best Instagram growth services will give you the competitive advantage that you need if you want to get the most Instagram followers in 2022.

Odds are you competition is using one of these tools, or one similar.

As you saw above, our recommendation is without question, HashtagsForLikes.

The reason for that is because you’re the one in control of your account. The work you put in will yield you good results.

You have no risk of getting banned with them and it’s a straightforward and easy to use system.

Pair that with their analyzer tool and TikTok hashtag database and you have one of the most powerful tools to grow your Instagram ever created.

Have a question? Use one of these services?

Tell us your story down below by leaving a comment.

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