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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should you consider buying Facebook PVA Accounts?

Due to the surge of Internet hackers, most social networking platforms make it mandatory to secure your accounts with a phone number when signing up. 

Facebook is one of these websites.

A Facebook PVA account is an account that has been verified with a phone number.

While you can still conduct your marketing activities on a non-PVA Facebook account, there are many benefits to buying a verified account, and this makes it the best option for you if you want to buy accounts for your marketing activities.

What Are the Benefits of Buying PVA Accounts?

When you buy accounts that have already been verified by phone, this verification will give you access to amazing features such as Facebook ads, groups, and some events as well. If you buy Facebook accounts that are non-PVA verified, then you will not be eligible to run ads. 

So, if you are looking to market your business via paid ads on Facebook, you will definitely enjoy buying PVA accounts.

Another benefit of buying Facebook accounts is that you will gain more exposure. 

By having multiple Facebook accounts, you will be able to reach a larger audience and massively increase your engagement rate.

Buying accounts also minimizes your chances of getting banned or suspended. 

When you use multiple accounts for your promotional activities, you will avoid posting too frequently, and there will also be fewer chances of you engaging in illegal activities. 

It also minimizes the risk of getting hacked. 

These accounts have already been verified by phone, so it will be impossible for hackers to get past this additional layer of security.  

Therefore, buying FB PVA accounts gives you maximum security to conduct your business on Facebook without the threat of getting hacked.

Is it Safe to Buy FB PVA Accounts?

The question of safety is worth asking. 

This is because every day, many new social media marketing websites are created. 

This automatically means that you have to deal with a large number of scammers, and it may be challenging to differentiate these scammers from legit social media marketing websites.

However, if you are familiar with the tactics of these scammers, you can protect yourself from them and safely buy accounts. 

One thing that can help you identify a scam website is by checking the URL of the website. 

A scam website is not protected by an SSL certificate, you won’t find a padlock icon beside its URL.

Some scammers, however, have become smart enough to bypass this security check. 

This requires you to check out customer testimonials on unaffiliated review communities. 

When you see what other people have to say about the service provider you want to buy PVA accounts from, you will be able to make the best decision for your safety.

Is it Illegal to Buy Accounts?

No, it is not illegal to buy Facebook accounts. 

You may have heard that buying accounts is against the law, but this is totally wrong because there are currently no laws to this effect. 

In the absence of these laws, it is safe to buy accounts, as long as you do not try to do anything illegal with these accounts.

While it is not illegal to buy accounts, you will be doing something illegal if you use these accounts for an activity that is less than legal.

Can Buying FB Accounts Get You Banned?

If you have bought FB accounts from a shady service provider, then you need to worry. 

When a social media marketing website is untrustworthy, then there are chances that these websites will deliver illegally sourced accounts to you.

These accounts may have been hijacked from their real owners or may have been created with blacklisted IP addresses. 

It is only when you buy illegal accounts or you violate any of the other terms and conditions of Facebook that you will get banned.

In other words, if you buy accounts from a service provider that delivers accounts that were safely created and verified, then there is no chance of you getting banned.

The Best Site to Buy Bulk Facebook PVA Accounts

One wrong move is all it will take to lose your new  account to hackers or even to the unforgiving Facebook algorithm. 

If you make the mistake of using an illegal SMM company, the Facebook algorithm will never forgive this mistake, and you will definitely lose your account.

Therefore, it is extremely important to buy accounts only from websites that are legit, credible, and trustworthy. 

A website may be legit but may be lacking in credibility and may not be 100% trustworthy. 

So to be on the safe side, you must find a service provider that exhibits these three traits.

 Only a few service providers are actually as legit, credible, and authentic as they claim. 

UseViral is one of these service providers. We prioritize your reputation and will never do anything to tarnish the image of your brand. 

This means that when you buy Facebook accounts from UseViral, you won't have to worry about wrecking your image or getting into trouble with Facebook.

When it comes to quality, UseViral delivers beyond expectations. 

This explains why UseViral has the highest customer retention rate and a high satisfaction rating. 

Each FB PVA account is safely created with your reputation in mind, and these accounts will be delivered in a secure way that will not pose any security threats.

How to Buy PVA Accounts for Facebook

Buying PVA accounts is an easy and cost-effective marketing strategy that can easily take you to the top. 

UseViral further simplifies this strategy by allowing you to buy these accounts in just a few clicks.

Once you have selected "Facebook PVA Accounts" as the package you want to buy, you will be required to specify the number of accounts you want. 

We offer a wide price range, allowing you to work with your budget.

Next, you need to provide all necessary details, which in this case, is only a valid email address where you can receive your unique order tracking number. 

Once you have provided this information, you can checkout securely via any of the payment methods available in your location.