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What’s the Big Deal with Facebook Friend Requests?

Facebook: you probably still use it for sharing images and videos with your friends and family and showing people what you ate for breakfast.

Your mom is probably on there commenting and liking every post you put up, and you kind of see it as one of those dying social media platforms that isn’t really going anywhere.

However, we are here to argue that the opposite is true. Yes, there are other social media platforms out there that have been developed since Facebook got its start back a decade ago, but this definitely doesn’t mean that Facebook is irrelevant.

In fact, Facebook was one of the pioneers of social media marketing, and almost every brand out there, both big and small, has a presence on Facebook. If you have a brand yourself, then you might want to think about creating a Facebook business page for it. 

Once you’ve done this, your main focus is probably going to be on Facebook followers. You love checking in on your personal Facebook every day and seeing if anyone new has friend requested you, so you probably will apply the same logic to a Facebook business page. Yes, your followers on your Facebook business page are also important, but so are your Facebook Friend Requests.

In fact, the more Friend Requests that you have on the content that you put on your Facebook business page, the more likely you are to be seen by more of your target audience. 

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Facebook Friend Requests, especially when it comes to your brand.

Why Do People Buy Friend Requests?

So, why would people choose to buy their Facebook Friend Requests? Well, one reason could be because they want to find a way to save time and streamline their engagement strategy. 

If they have been trying to grow their brand on Facebook for a while, they probably have a Facebook business page, and have set up a few links, so that you can be redirected to their website.

However, they probably haven’t worked out exactly how their engagement strategy works, or what a good one looks like. The thing about your Facebook engagement strategy is that it can be complicated and difficult to develop, especially considering Facebook’s algorithm is changing all the time.

What might have worked in terms of your engagement strategy for Facebook last week, might not be working now, and this could be completely out of your control. 

So, one of the biggest reasons why people choose to outsource their Facebook Friend Requests is to save time. When they have professionals in the social media marketing industry taking care of their engagement strategy, they can breathe a sigh of relief, and spend all their time focusing on their Facebook content instead. 

In a world where time is money, this is going to ultimately save you a lot of time, and it is also going to help you increase your profit. 

If you are spending too much time on your engagement strategy and making sure that it is perfect, you could be wasting days, weeks, and even months of time that could be spent making a profit and connecting the right people to your product or service. 

We think that people who choose to buy their Facebook Friend Requests are smart, savvy, and know exactly what their Facebook business page needs to do really well.

What’s the Issue with Fake Facebook Friend Requests?

We have probably got you in a place right now where you are keen to check out what’s going on in the world of social medial marketing, and how you can leverage companies out there to help you buy Facebook Friend Requests in a way that is going to be beneficial to your Facebook business page.

However, we do have to put forth a disclaimer at this point and say that we don’t suggest that you just go for the first company that you come across.

You might already be doing a Google search right now in the hopes of finding a company that can help you almost instantly. 

However, we recommend that you put on the brakes. This is because the social media marketing industry is as unregulated as it gets, meaning that nobody is checking in to make sure that companies are doing good by their clients and upholding their alleged reputation.

This leaves the door wide open to scams and fake Friend Requests. So, what are fake Facebook Friend Requests? Well, they are Friend Requests that have been produced by a fake Facebook profile and sent to you with the purpose of simply making your content look good.

Of course, we all want our content to look good to potential audiences, but at the end of the day, this look is going to be temporary and only superficial. 

Fake Friend Requests might make your content look really good for a couple of days but after this, there is a really high chance of it falling off again, and ultimately your existing audience is going to wonder whether you’re legit or not.

They will start to get suspicious, and they wonder whether you are taking shortcuts in order to advance your brand. Facebook also doesn’t like it when their users buy fake engagement because it goes against their terms of use.

What a Scam Company Looks Like

So, we have put a little seed of doubt in your mind about buying Facebook Friend Requests, but the reality is that there are plenty of companies out there that have more than enough of a reputation for you to feel confident about buying your Facebook Friend Requests.

Let’s continue on with our mission to expose companies that are scams though and tell you all about what you need to look out for when trying to nail down the right company for your engagement. 

A scam company is going to have very little security when it comes to their website, because they won’t be thinking about the long-term of their clients.

They ultimately just want to make a quick profit and get their engagement off the shelf as quickly as possible, so they aren’t really interested in encrypting their website so that their clients can safely surf their web pages without compromising personal information.

They might have made sure to secure their website with HTTPS, but this is as far as they will go. They won’t have secured any payment gateways, and they also won’t have an accountability form for you to fill out. Another way to tell whether a company is a scam or not is to look at their pricing. 

Most of the time, companies that are offering their clients fake Facebook Friend Requests will offer them at bottom-of-the-barrel prices. 

You might be blown away at first because you will find it hard to believe that it’s going to cost you this little to purchase your Facebook Friend Requests, but we highly recommend that you avoid what you might consider to be a good deal. 

It’s much better to pay little bit more and get much higher quality features.

What a Legit Company Looks Like

So, with the bad news out of the way, let’s discuss what a legit company looks like. A legit company is definitely going to have their security all sorted out, not only with the HTTPS side of things, but with encrypting things like payment gateways. 

They will also have multiple ways for you to pay, including PayPal, so that you don’t have to relinquish anything like your credit card details.

Another thing that legit companies will find easy is producing real reviews of their existing features. 

They will have a great reputation among their existing clients, and they will have no issues finding people who are more than willing to say good things about their features. 

When it comes to their pricing, it will be middle-of-the-road, it won’t be cheap, but it also won’t be too expensive either. It might be more than you had expected to pay for Facebook Friend Requests, but at the end of the day, investing in the quality of your engagement is much better than paying rock bottom prices. 

Another good indication of a legit company is how much information they have on their website, not only about their features, but about the team behind the scenes. 

If they aren’t being forthcoming about what’s going on behind the scenes or who was developed their features, then you can feel pretty confident that they are the kind of company that is going to want to help you in a few months’ time.

Legit companies are going to do everything they can to make their clients feel at home from the beginning and make them feel like they can come to them for anything, no matter what. Here at UseViral, we have excellent Facebook Friend Requests that come with a high retention rate.