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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Are Likes on Facebook Important?

Facebook is the most accessible social media platform in the world. Its continuous existence makes it familiar and accessible to people of all ages. Most people that use social media own a Facebook account.

The platform is an opportunity for businesses. Accounts often make content to promote or expand their brand. These companies try and improve their interactions with people to get more popular.

One such interaction is the like button. Likes define a post, but they can be tough to acquire. Most people spend months getting a large number of likes. We at UseViral offer a solution, buy Facebook Likes India and get ahead of the competition.

India presents a unique chance for creators. With its vast cultural landscape, there are a lot of opportunities. The content that Indians consume is also very diverse. All types of content creators find a large audience.

Why Are Facebook Likes Important?

Likes are the most crucial metric that belongs to a post. The first thing people notice on posts are likes. So the first impression must be good. Facebook also includes likes when visiting a certain profile.

Posts with many likes are likely to entice more people to like them. This is called the bandwagon effect. When purchasing Facebook likes India, you boost your growth rate exponentially.

Likes also lead to other interactions because the algorithm values likes when deciding which post to promote. The Facebook algorithm sees an influx of likes and recommends the post to others. This means that your profile might be seen by millions of people worldwide.

Facebook users often form partnerships with big conglomerates, leading to a lucrative payout. Most content creators often indulge in these deals.

One way companies decide which creator to partner with is by looking at his likes. The more likes, the more likely a deal will be made. Social media experts at these companies analyze the like ratio to decide.

When you buy Facebook likes India, you unlock the potential to succeed.

Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes India?

Buying Facebook Likes India

Social media analysts at UseViral have researched the numerous benefits when purchasing likes. The advantages can apply to all types of profiles. Here are some of the benefits to buy Facebook likes India.

Global Reach

The Facebook user base consists of almost 3 billion active monthly users. Every post can go viral and reach people's screens worldwide. This kind of reach is unparalleled compared to other platforms.

Using our services forces the algorithm to promote your content. Our likes can help you break the ice. Once your growth rate has picked up, it’s easy to reach high levels of interactions.

 After your post has reached the front pages of users, the possibilities are virtually endless. This opens up the opportunities for marketing, content creation, education, etc. 


In this modern world, speed is key. Users create content at a massive scale, and it can be tough to compete. Most people struggle to make good content because they must focus on improving their interactions.

A study conducted by UseViral determined that most people last a year managing their accounts. The main reason for quitting is not enough likes. When you buy Facebook Likes India, you bypass the need for interactions.

This allows you to manage your account stress-free and gives you the time to focus on other aspects of managing an account. 

Following trends is now much easier as you don’t have to worry about the reception of your post. Having many likes automatically means that you also have the opportunity to start trends quickly. 

Controlling trends makes you efficient as you don’t need to follow the majority.

Business opportunities

The most lucrative benefit to buying Indian Facebook likes is the numerous chances at partnership. Most companies invest in social media management and have a presence on every major platform. 

This isn’t done for no reason. As with other forms of entertainment, advertisements are present on Facebook. But because adds can often appear too intrusive, companies employ the use of creators.

These creators are chosen based on the number of likes they have. When you buy Facebook likes India, you put yourself at the forefront of these companies. The chance for a partnership skyrockets.

Many of our previous customers report that the reason for a corporate deal was the usage of our services. 

Business opportunities are common because they are beneficial for both participating parties. Both the creator and the firm benefit greatly from the exchange.

Increase Traffic to Your Webpage

Traffic to your page is a discreet benefit; not many people consider it when handling an account. Most manufacturers have links leading to their web pages. Research states that most webpage traffic for companies stems from their social media accounts.

Logically it makes sense because the main content of most companies is available on their social media page, not their main page.

When you buy Facebook Likes India, you inadvertently increase the traffic to your personal webpage. This can be used for other things, such as referral and donation links.

Hosting a referral link can often be very beneficial for users as liked posts seem credible and are viewed by a large audience.

Social media can be used as a front page. If your needs require the use of a separate webpage, hosting an account can be just a way of promotion. Purchasing Indian Facebook likes is an intelligent business decision and will help you in the long run.

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Likes India?

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Likes?

Yes, we at UseViral have put enormous effort into ensuring our services follow current cybersecurity guidelines. Experts working at UseViral constantly work on improving our services so they are more secure.

We understand your concerns with our service buy Facebook likes India, but let our previous experience with users prove our legitimacy. All of our previous customers have left the interaction happy and satisfied.

Over here at UseViral, safety and satisfaction is the number one priority.

The process of purchasing Facebook likes India is close to perfection. It uses only the necessary information. All other sensitive information is not needed. Our operators would never ask you for your password or other.

Our transaction methods are on par with most other legitimate businesses. They also require no extra information. The transaction logs are stored in a remote and secure database, bringing the risk down to zero.

Our services fall within the regulations of Facebook and are entirely ethical and legal.When you use our platform to buy Facebook likes India, there is no risk of suspension. Law experts working at UseViral review the changes in terms of use constantly to ensure our business remains legal.

All of our likes are natural and organic, meaning they are regular users of Facebook. There is no way that people will tell you bought likes and endanger your reputation that way. We focus on giving you the chance to succeed in social media.

Why Should You Choose UseViral to Buy Facebook likes India?

It’s important when you buy Facebook likes India you make the right choice. Our services have many benefits, and we at UseViral have many factors that make us stand out from the competition. The following reasons prove why we are the best at what we do.

Professional Customer Care

One significant aspect that we pride ourselves on is the customer service we employ. Our customer service has been trained professionally to deal with any problems that might arise.

They are available 24/7 and globally. Feel free to contact them whenever you encounter a particular problem or dissatisfaction. 

Our customer service is polite and kind and will help you with any difficulty. We employ a team of bilinguals, so the language of communication is not an issue.

Organic Likes and Targeting Options

In all of our services, we provide real and genuine users of Facebook. This means the retention rate on your likes is always 100%. None of our users will unlike a post.

Our likes are specifically chosen to be favored by the algorithm. The algorithm knows our likes are great and more frequently recommends the content they like. This means that your growth will be rapid and that when you buy Facebook likes India you will get more organic interactions.

The targeting options UseViral offers are numerous. We recommend researching which likes you require and deciding based on your needs. If you buy general likes, we will make sure to give you the ones best suited to your content.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If there is dissatisfaction with our services or a simple mistake, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We do recommend you contact our customer service as they are mostly able to fix all issues.

UseViral thinks we can still make the best of it even when dissatisfaction occurs.

Security, Simplicity, and Speed

We designed all of our services to be as simple and as secure as possible. We handle data with care, and all of our transactions are safe.

Designers put effort into making our site accessible to all. We find each of our options easy to understand.

The process of purchasing one of our services is straightforward and fast. Most of our likes arrive in just a few days and even less. We believe in satisfying the needs of our customers.

A Guide to Buying Facebook Likes India

Here at UseViral, we developed a simple guide to follow when you buy Facebook likes India. Here are the steps to a successful purchase.

  1. Visit our Website at by searching for it on your preferred search engine or following a referral link.

  2. Select Facebook Likes and then select Facebook Likes India. We offer many options when it comes to targeted likes, be sure to check them out.

  3. After selecting India, you can also narrow down your likes even more. If you’re unsure which demographic you want the likes to be, skip this step, we will handle it.

  4. Select the number of likes you need. This is made to accommodate your needs and budget. Make sure to analyze how many likes you need and decide based on that.

  5. Provide the necessary information. We will prompt you to input the URL of the post and the username of the account. Make sure to input them carefully.

  6. Proceed to checkout. We offer many payment choices, such as most credit cards, PayPal, Crypto, etc. Use whichever suits you the best.

  7. Wait for delivery. Once the transaction has been processed and confirmed, we will ship out your likes as quickly as possible. Most arrive within a few days, but the max time for delivery is two weeks.

  8. Reap the benefits. After the likes have been delivered, you will see a massive influx of new interactions. Users will more often like your posts, follow your account, and share your videos. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied, feel free to contact us for help.

Is buying likes legal?

Yes, when you buy Facebook likes India, every part of the process is legal. When you purchase from us, you get real organic likes. This falls within the guidelines of Facebook.

Employees at UseViral constantly read the changes made to Facebook’s terms of service, and we update our strategy based on that.

None of our previous users have been banned or punished for buying likes, as it is perfectly within the confines of the law.

How fast will the likes arrive?

This depends on two things. How many likes did the post have before our service, and what option did you select during the payment process.

If a post is already well-liked, we can ship out likes rapidly to follow the organic flow of interactions. For a fresh post, we look at the previous ones and ship our likes based on that. If the account is new, the whole process can take about max two weeks.

If you’ve selected express delivery, we will deliver your likes in a few days.

What do I do if I come across a problem?

We suggest that you contact our customer support. They are experts at finding solutions to problems. Based on their previous successes, our customer support has been able to solve problems very rapidly.

They are also very kind and focused on fulfilling your needs.

Our customer support is available non-stop, and the system for handling calls and messages is very efficient. We promise a fast connection with our customer care. Most of the calls occur in seconds.

When will I see the benefits of purchasing likes?

Almost immediately. As soon as the delivery process starts, the algorithm will recognize and share the post. In this time period, you should expect an exponential rise in interactions. Users different from ours will visit your post and profile.

Our likes will put you on the radar of Facebook, and you should be expecting many invites and partnerships. Even after all of our likes are delivered, you should still expect likes to come your way.

How many likes can I buy?

We allow at most 10000 likes in a single purchase, but this doesn’t mean you can only buy 10000 likes. If your needs exceed our limit, you can first contact customer support. They will be able to make a deal and allow you to buy more likes.

Else you can just buy the same service multiple times. We do not limit users to how many times they can purchase a service or for how many posts.

Are the likes real people?

Yes, this is what makes UseViral unique. All of our likes are real people that are users of Facebook. This means that when you buy Facebook likes India, your likes can interact with your content independently.

We ensure that all of our likes remain real people, which is very beneficial for consumers. Our likes are also catered to your content. When deciding which likes to give you, we chose people that find your content amusing and exciting.

Having real people as likes means no one will tell you bought likes. There is no way that people can prove you used our services. With UseViral, your reputation is safe.

How can I pay for the service?

UseViral works hard to provide a variety of payment methods to suit the preferences of its users. We offer cryptocurrencies as a payment option in addition to conventional ones.

Furthermore, you can conveniently use your credit or debit card to pay online for our services. We have put strong security measures to protect your data during the payment process. 

Additionally, we facilitate rapid and secure purchases by supporting well-known digital payment systems like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo. 

We also accept cheques or bank transfers if you find the online choices unsuitable. You can relax knowing that we'll give you clear directions to help you with the payment procedure, making it a hassle-free experience.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the service?

Indeed, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If UseViral’s services don’t satisfy your needs, you can get a full refund.

We hope to get your constructive criticism if such a thing occurs.