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Should You Buy Likes & Shares for YouTube?

You may think that Instagram is the place to be when it comes to building up a following online, but YouTube is doing pretty well for itself as well. It wasn’t that long ago that YouTube only had a few people with a million followers – now it feels like everyone has a minimum of a million.

There are one and a half billion people visiting YouTube each month and interacting with their favorite content creators, and while a lot of these creators are doing well as a result, this doesn’t mean that the competition isn’t heated. However, before you despair over your lack of YouTube interaction on your channel, consider this – there is a great opportunity on YouTube for you to gain the exposure you’ve always wanted, and create content people are going to love. The path is narrow, however.

As we mentioned, if you were trying to make it big on YouTube a few years back, it wasn’t too difficult, because there weren’t that many people to compete with. These days, however, everyone’s trying to get a piece of the YouTube pie, which means you’ve got to work twice as hard just to get the same results.

In order to get people’s attention and bring them to your YouTube channel, you’ve got to know how the YouTube algorithm works and use it to your advantage. Obviously, the more subscribers you have, comments on your videos and shares you get, the more successful your channel is going to be.

It's a lot easier said than done, though. You look at famous YouTubers with lots of subscribers and a good amount of engagement on their videos and you think ‘how on earth did they go from nothing to that?', and it's true – how did they win people's trust enough to engage with their videos until they were so big that people clicked on them anyway? It's kind of like being stuck between a rock and a hard place – you want more than anything to have people viewing and engaging with your videos, but in order for this to happen, you need existing people doing so. YouTube videos with a low amount of views don't get too many people clicking on them.

If you’re thinking about buying YouTube likes and shares read on. We’re going to look at the pros and cons of paying for YouTube likes and shares.

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First, let’s talk about the benefits of paying for YouTube likes and shares.

1. You Get to Stick it To the Man

Unfortunately, YouTube is not exempt from the algorithm system that seems to be slowly taking over social media platforms. Facebook uses it, Instagram uses it – even Twitter has come on board in recent years. While you may not know too much about the algorithm, you may want to, because it controls who sees your videos and who doesn’t.

YouTube’s algorithm is very much in control of how well your channel does, so if it’s not being seen by the right people, you’re not going to grow your channel too quickly.

For a while now YouTubers have been getting annoyed and frustrated at how YouTube chooses who gets the most views and shares on this social media sharing platform. This is why a lot of people are now trying to come up with ways to outsmart the algorithm and grow their channel despite the restrictions caused by the algorithm.

If you do a little bit of algorithm homework yourself, you’ll come up with a lot of common sense points – the more people that are watching your content, commenting on it and sharing it, the more likely you are to trend on YouTube. It almost goes without saying at this point that if you already have a large number of subscribers, you've got a better chance of doing well. What if you don't, though? Remember, it's the rock and a hard place issue – you want people to see your YouTube videos so that they share it, like it and comment on it, but how are they supposed to find it if you don't already have a significant number of followers?

Even if you're not in the top ten trending videos on YouTube for the week, buying your YouTube likes and shares can still make an improvement to your existing engagement ratings. It could even help attract viewers that are going to be interested in the type of content you put up.

2. YouTube Exposure Builds Your Reputation

While we would rather it be different, the reality is that the masses tend to act like one another. This means that if there are millions of people watching a video on YouTube, millions more are likely to watch it too. There aren’t that many people out there breaking away from the crowd and hunting down those YouTube videos that only have a few hundred views.

The concept of social credibility is something that is definitely applicable to YouTube, perhaps more so than other social media platforms. This is primarily because YouTube makes sure you can see how many views a video has received before you even click on it.

It’s common knowledge that you’re much more likely to gain more subscribers and have a higher number of views if you already have these two things on your videos and your channel.

3. Compete with Big Brands

Remember, even big brands and YouTube stars are becoming jaded with YouTube’s algorithm system. This next statement may be a bit off-putting, but if people with this kind of influence are worried, what chance do you have?

However, you could choose to see it a different way – and that way is buying YouTube likes and shares. If the top ten trending videos on YouTube all have millions of views and belong to channels with millions of subscribers, then smaller channels like yours don’t have much of a hope.

However, if you’ve got a bit in the marketing budget, you could use this to bolster your reputation and buy your YouTube likes and shares. This is a great, smart way to give yourself a much-needed boost on YouTube and begin to get noticed.

One of the best parts of buying YouTube likes and shares is that you can start from the bottom with an existing reputation. If you don’t start out with a reasonable amount of views, you’re just going to get stuck in a cycle at the bottom.

4. Speed Up The YouTube Credibility Process

So, is it essential to buy your YouTube likes and shares? Not at all. In saying this, though, it's better to start out strong like this and give your channel the kickstart it needs to keep that engagement high so that the people who come along to watch your videos are impressed from the get-go.

Remember when we talked about all of those other channels you have to compete with on YouTube these days? If you wanted to try and attract your target audience to your videos manually, it would take up hours of your day. To be perfectly frank, you just don’t have the time – especially if you’re still holding down a day job. With the current YouTube climate, you could end up sitting on one thousand subscribers and a few hundred views on every video you put up for years if you choose to do things this way. Why would you want to keep your channel at this level, when you could pay for YouTube likes and shares and give your videos the engagement that they need?

The Downside of Buying YouTube Likes and Shares

We did say that we would cover both the pros and cons of buying YouTube likes and shares, and we're still prepared to do that. We think that the biggest drawback to buying Youtube likes and shares is that depending on which engagement company you decide to associate with, some of the likes and shares could be seen as low quality, or even worst case scenario spammy. YouTube is always on the lookout for channels that are indicating spammy behavior, so you need to consider this when thinking about buying your YouTube likes and shares.

In saying this, though, there are some excellent companies out there who have good reputations that can offer you high-quality YouTube likes and shares for your videos. However, there are always going to be average companies doing business out there, too. It's all about discerning who are the good guys and who are the bad guys because some of them are just going to be a complete waste of your time and money.

One of the biggest things to look out for when doing your research is the price. While you don’t want to pay through the roof for your YouTube shares and likes, you also don’t want to pay rock bottom, either. We always think of it this way – if it's too good to be true, then there's a good chance that it is. If you have stumbled across a company that is selling YouTube shares and likes for an incredible price, then they're probably going to be average quality shares and likes that you'd rather not have on your YouTube videos. When trying to find YouTube shares and likes for your channel, the key is to choose a company that is affordable – not cheap. You won't believe the difference between these two.

The Quality of YouTube Shares and Likes

We’ve talked briefly about the quality of those YouTube shares and likes, but let’s go into it a little bit deeper. Apart from the price, the biggest thing you have to be on the lookout for when deciding on where to get your YouTube likes and shares from is the quality. There are a lot of services out there who will just use bots to deliver your YouTube engagement, which means that the actual shares and likes are going to be pretty average. Remember, YouTube is always on the hunt for channels to shut down as a result of this, so it’s not going to be the best thing for your channel.

Instead, try finding a company that only wants to sell YouTube likes and shares to you that are high quality. Another good thing to remember that the higher the quality of your YouTube engagement, the more likely it is that people will start to engage with your videos organically. If they think that your engagement is spammy, they're going to skip you completely. Remember, it's quality over quantity. While you may want to skip the slow season and go straight to the top, you've got to put quality over quantity and not worry about how much engagement you're getting initially. It's much better to have a hundred likes and shares on a video than a thousand likes and shares that are low quality.


We think that one of the best advantages of buying YouTube likes and shares is that it's affordable. It's much cheaper than paying for YouTube to promote your channel and it also means that you don't have to spend a lot of time sitting around trying to encourage people to view your content, either. You'll have a lot more time freed up to focus on other parts of the brand – as well as creating that content.

Remember, it’s really really important that you choose affordable over cheap. The need for affordable YouTube engagement has resulted in hundreds of companies out there selling cheap engagement to unknowing clients, and it’s not on. Remember, there’s a reason that they’re prepared to sell their service for so cheap, and this reason could result in your channel being shut down by YouTube. While you may have to part with a bit more money for an affordable option, it’s going to pay itself off in no time at all.

Does Buying YouTube Likes and Shares Get Your Account Banned?

If you are buying low-quality YouTube likes and shares for your channel, then yes, there's a good chance that you could end up being banned. However, if the quality of your engagement is high and it doesn't look spammy to YouTube, then you're not at risk of being kicked out.

The Best Site for Buying YouTube Shares and Likes

Well, we've reached the end, and there's a good chance you want to know where the best place is to buy YouTube shares and likes. We recommend buying high-quality YouTube shares and likes from UseViral.

Whether you're looking for lots of views on your videos or just a nice, steady start, we've got YouTube engagement packages to suit your needs. The best part of working with us is that we're not in the business of selling low-quality likes and shares. We've been working with clients for three years now and helping them grow their engagement online, and we've seen a lot of companies pop up that want to sell people average engagement.

Making sure that your YouTube channel is safe is a big priority for us. This is why we’re not going to put it in danger of being suspended or even banned. UseViral is a trustworthy and verified YouTube engagement service, and you can find positive reviews of our services on Trustadvisor. Don’t wait another day hoping that people will magically start to view your videos more and interact with your content. Instead, make your limited marketing budget go a long way with your YouTube likes and shares.

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