How to Create an Instagram Story with Multiple Photos (Fast & Easy)

Since Instagram introduced the story feature, in 2022. They have been extremely popular and even more so in 2024! Users have become fixated on producing relevant content. Instagram has stepped up its game with various filters, countless stickers, and entertaining messages in general. 

Adding more than one photo to an Instagram story is a feature many other apps lack, and there are numerous ways to do this. We’ve outlined how to upload multiple photos to an Instagram story in the article below. 

How Many Pictures Can You Add to an Instagram Story?

You may add multiple photos to your Instagram story in various ways. Use the “Select” function to choose the images you want to include in your story. On your Instagram story, you can also select “Layout” to make a collage. The Stickers section allows you to add several photos too. Let’s explore these features a little bit more in depth.

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How to Update an Instagram Story with Multiple Photos

Using the “Select” option, you can upload multiple photos to your Instagram stories. 

  • By swiping right on your homepage, you can access “Create Story”. Click the square button on the bottom left to access your photo gallery when you’re ready to upload photos.
  • Click “Select” in the top right corner. Choose the images you want to include in your Instagram story. You can choose up to ten pictures.
  • Then, press “Next.” There are two choices available: “Separate” and “Layout.” In this instance, choose “Separate”. 
  • You can add stickers, tags, filters, and more to each photo if you know how to edit Instagram stories. Then, you can share them with your audience.

How to Create a Collage Using Layout on Instagram Stories

Using the Layout feature of Instagram Stories, there are two ways to create a collage. We have gone over these below:

Choosing how many photos you want in your story is the first step to creating a collage on Instagram.

You’ll see two buttons, “Separate” and “Layout,” after choosing your photos. Click “Layout” to edit the pictures. Edit the layout by selecting the top button. You can include texts, stickers, and filters. After this, you can share your story.

By simply clicking “Layout” on the left, you can create a collage with your photos. This is how:

  • Go to Instagram’s story section and select “Layout.”
  • Modify the grid and decide how many images you want to publish.
  • Edit the images, then share your story. 

How to Use Stickers to Add Multiple Photos

Last but not least, stickers can be used to add several images to an Instagram story. Here is how:

  • Go to Story on Instagram by sliding right.
  • Choose the image you want to upload and adjust its size.
  • Next, select the “Stickers” icon located at the top.
  • You’ll notice a photos icon next to the camera icon. Toggle the icon.
  • Your photo gallery will then be displayed. Next, choose the picture you want to include. Remember that the stickers feature allows you to choose one photo at a time.
  • Clicking on the image will allow you to resize and reshape it. You will need to repeat these steps if you want to add more photos.
  • Click “Your Story” to share your collage with your audience on Instagram after you’ve finished adding all the photos. Facebook will also let you share your Instagram stories so that you can cross-promote. 

How to Add Multiple Photos on iOS

You can add more than one photo to your Instagram stories through iOS too. Below is a description of how to do this:

  • Copy the picture you wish to include in your story from your “Photos” app.
  • After this, open Instagram Story and start a new story.
  • Click “Paste” after choosing “Text” in the top right corner.
  • Once you have edited the image, you can finish your Instagram story.

Final Thoughts

We’ve outlined how to upload several photos to your Instagram story in this article. This is a really helpful feature that’s going to make it easy for you to share more content with your target audience, so that you can get their attention, and keep that attention.

Good luck growing your Instagram profile!



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