What’s the Big Deal with a Facebook Promotion Service?

Facebook: your mum has it, you have it, and you’ve been on it for the last ten years. You grew up with it, and it is your safety blanket when Twitter is being too much, and Instagram is too fake with all its filters. However, over the last few months, you might have gotten tired of Facebook, and stopped scrolling as much. 


After all, there is other content to see, and Facebook is more or less becoming a playground for mums to fight over parenting styles. However, if you are feeling like giving up on Facebook, we encourage you to stick with it. Facebook is one of the pioneers of social media marketing, which means that the majority of brands out there, both big and small, have a presence on it.

This presence isn’t going anywhere, and if you want to compete with the big guns when it comes to your brand, you definitely need to emulate what they are doing. You might have stubbornly tried to do everything yourself until this point, but you’re wondering why Instagram’s algorithm changes up on you every couple of weeks, and what you came up with in terms of your engagement strategy is no longer working. 


Don’t worry, you aren’t definitely the only one that experiences this frustration. Most people do, which is why they choose to use a Facebook book promotion service to help them through the tough times. You might have turned up your nose at outsourcing any aspect of your Facebook engagement in the past, but we think that it’s probably a good time to consider diversifying your growth and finding ways to get help with certain aspects of it.

Why Do People Choose to Use a Facebook Promotion Service?

Facebook Promotion

So, why do people choose to use a Facebook promotion service? Well, we think that the biggest reason for this is that it saves them time. Think about it, if you still hold down a day job, then you probably have to save all of your Facebook growth until when you get home in the evening, and at this point, you aren’t really feeling like doing a whole lot. 


The last thing you feel like doing is trying to engage with your Facebook community, in order to drum up some excitement around your existing products or services. One way that a Facebook promotion service can help you is save you time, which means that they take care of everything on their side when it comes to your growth, so all you have to do is focus on creating more content around your product.

Another reason why people choose to use a Facebook promotion service is because it beats Facebook’s algorithm. Remember when we mentioned Facebook’s algorithm up there? Well, it’s not going anywhere, and it works really hard every day to decide who it should prioritize in terms of promotion. 


If Facebook doesn’t think that you are putting enough time and effort into your Facebook business page, then they aren’t going to bother promoting your content, and you aren’t going to grow your audience. People choose to outsource to a Facebook promotion service because they know that there are experts in the industry that know how to get around Facebook’s algorithm and beat it every time, no matter how much it switches up on them. 


We think that this is definitely more than enough of a reason to use a Facebook promotion service.

What’s the Issue with Fake Promotion Services?

So, if you have spent any time in the social media marketing industry, and you have heard of Facebook promotion services before, then you have probably also heard of fake Facebook promotion services. Now, they aren’t necessarily fake, but there are some companies out there that use bots to run their Facebook promotion services. 


The problem with bots is that they go against Facebook’s terms and conditions, because they almost always go outside of their daily limits. On Facebook, you’ve got daily interaction limits, and if you go outside of these, then Facebook is going to start taking notice of your account, and not in a good way. They will eventually red flag you and you could even be slapped with a suspension, or a complete ban. 


Additionally, companies that use a bot to run their Facebook promotion service usually don’t really care about their clients, because they are already willing to violate Facebook’s terms and conditions. This means that they won’t spend a lot of time with you in the beginning learning all about your target audience, and what kind of people you want to be interacting with your content. 


They are just going to be targeting people randomly and sending all kinds of different demographics to your Facebook business page, which lowers the chance of growing your target audience. This is why it is so important to do your research, and to make sure that you have found a Facebook promotion service that has your best interests at heart and wants to work with you for a long time to come, and not just throw their promotion service at you and call it a day. 


You might be tempted to do a quick Google search, and go for the first promotion service that comes up, but we highly recommend that you avoid this kind of temptation.

What a Scam Company Looks Like


So, now that we have discussed what a fake promotion service for Facebook looks like, let’s discuss what a scam company looks like. A scam company is going to have promises that they can’t really keep. They are going to promise that they don’t use a bot or fake profiles to grow your Facebook account, but this isn’t going to be true. 

They will also promise that they can grow your Facebook business page by a certain number of people every day, and again this isn’t going to be true, especially if you’re looking for high-quality engagement. If you are looking for high quality engagement, then you aren’t going to find it in a fake Facebook promotion service.

If a company can predict the exact amount of engagement that you are going to receive every day, it means that they are sending you fake engagement. Another thing to look out for in a scam company is the security of their website. If they have a low level of security, this means that they might have managed to secure their web pages with HTTPS, but this is as far as they will go. 

They won’t have an encrypted payment gateway so that you can pay safely online, and they won’t have multiple ways for you to pay either, because they simply want to take your money, and run. Speaking of money, another thing to consider is pricing. If a company has pricing that is way too good to be true, then we are here to tell you that it probably is. 

Companies that aren’t putting any effort into making their Facebook promotion service are going to be able to sell it for next nothing.

What a Legit Company Looks Like

So, with the bad news out of the way, let’s take a look at what a legit company looks like for a Facebook promotion service. A legit company is going to have all the information you need to get to know them as a company, as well as how their service works. They will probably offer you a personal account manager, who is going to work around the clock out for you and run your Facebook promotion service. 


When a legit company isn’t relying on a bot to do the work, they’ve got a real person on the other end of the line, making sure that their Facebook promotion service is working as it should. This means that your promotion service could change from time-to-time because they will adjust to accommodate Facebook’s algorithm.

They also aren’t going to be able to guarantee the exact number of followers and likes you are going to receive on your content every day. This is because they’re going to sit down with you in the beginning and talk about what your target audience looks like and they are going to target as many people in this demographic as possible. 


There is absolutely no way that they can predict how many of these people are going to choose to check out your content as a result, so the more organic and manual they are with their Facebook promotion service, the less they’re going to be able to promise you an exact number. Lastly, it’s going to be difficult for a company like this to provide you with real reviews about their features, based on feedback from existing clients. 


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