How To Get More Likes On Instagram (Ideas, Tips, & Growth Hacks)

More likes on Instagram. People are so hungry for engagement that they’ll do anything to get it.

Likes, comments, tags, followers, or any other type of engagement on an account is so sought after, that people actually buy Instagram likes.

But, there’s a better way to get more likes on Instagram and in this article, I’m going to give you some ideas, tips, and growth hacks you can use to see a difference right now.

If you want to learn the art of getting more Instagram likes then keep on reading.

Why Do People Want To Get More Instagram Likes So Bad?

In today’s world, it seems as if people are so starved for attention that they turn to social media in hopes of getting an endorphin rush from their notifications area.

Whether it’s a selfie that took you 73 tries to get right, or a two-hour drive just to snap that special picture to post on your wall, there’s no denying that people are desperately wondering how to get more likes on Instagram.

And while I’m all for real and genuine Instagram saves and likes, what I do frown upon is people inflating their Instagram likes by buying fakes.

When you build an audience, whether it’s on Instagram or any other social media platform, the first thing I always say is that you want to be upfront and transparent with your peeps.

Your audience (AKA tribe, peeps, homies) doesn’t want to be lied to and won’t respect you or your brand if they catch you doing such a despicable thing.

Let’s get into what it takes to learn how to get more likes on Instagram the right way. By creating amazing content, using the filters the right way, leveraging other social media platforms, using the right hashtags creating content or giveaway, and is engaging with your captions.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Create High-Quality Content

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard that if you want to get more Instagram likes, then creating high-quality content is an absolute necessity.

But I’m actually sick and tired of hearing that.

If you don’t know by now that content is the cornerstone of getting more likes, followers, comments, or all of the above on Instagram, then I can’t help you.

The reason I’m sick and tired of hearing that is that people will say that, but then they can’t ever give you specific to-dos that help you create better content.

So, what I did was scour the internet and piece apart the best bits of information that I know will help you create high-quality content and in turn teach you how to get more Instagram likes.

Add to that, the specific things that I know to be true and you’ve got a recipe for success.

What Is High-Quality Content in 2022?

According to our friends at SearchEngineJournal, high-quality content, in a nutshell, is a specific piece of content that ticks a marketing goal.

As far as getting more Instagram likes, that goal could range from things such as:

  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Ranking on the explore page
  • Improving your reach through people tagging their friends
  • Generating leads through DMs
  • Earning new followers
  • Swipe ups on Instagram stories

Anything that you produce that in turn achieves any (or all) of these goals is a piece of quality content.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what it takes to create content that ticks all the boxes of the goals I mentioned above.

Let’s dive deeper…

1. Model What’s Working

A great way to get starting in creating content that achieves the goal of getting more Instagram likes is to model what’s working.

Disclaimer: I want you to understand that even if you use a tool like this to find out what content is working the best for popular creators in your niche, there’s never a one size fits all content approach.

What I mean is that just because you model what’s working for one account, it doesn’t mean it will work the same for your account.

The audience you built (and are building) can always respond differently.

So, while it’s great to model what’s working and will create a great way for you to get more Instagram likes, you have to use the feedback you get from your audience to know if they connect with it or not.

Obviously, you want to use the goals we talked about above (or lack of them) as feedback from your audience.

2. Keep a Content Idea Journal

As with anything else, it’s always best practice to jot down any idea you have that can help you progress as a person.

When speaking high-quality content, you always want to keep a journal or a log of content ideas whether you researched them and found them from somebody else or you made them up yourself.

One of the best tools to do that is to use a platform like Google Sheets where you can quickly jot down any idea you had and come revisit it later.

Doing this will help you create content faster which means more consistent postings which then turns into getting more Instagram likes.

Whether you look for content ideas on your competitor’s page, use a tool like Task Ant or BuzzSumo, or create the ideas yourself you’ll give yourself a lot of ideas for future content creation.

Remember: The more you post, the more Instagram likes you’re going to get.

Use a Consistent Filter Type

Have you ever noticed an account that uses a bunch of different filters and how contrasting it looks?

When you’re trying to get more Instagram likes (or Instagram followers), I’ve found that keeping a consistent “feel” when it comes to your Instagram wall is very important.

A good example of “wall flow” is from our friend @jockowillink.

Notice how all of his images are black and white (a type of filter) and all go with one another.

He’s a great example because not only on Instagram but all his other social platforms like YouTube and his podcast are in themed black and white.

It’s just what people have come to expect and it gives him a “branded feel”.

How else can you get 19k likes on a picture of sweat laden kettlebells?

The brand that he’s created through his awesome content and the correct use of filters is one of the main reasons he’s built a following on Instagram of close to 2 million Instagram followers.

Leverage Other Social Platforms

For some reason, people often neglect the power of leveraging other social media platforms when they try to get more likes on Instagram.

I’m not sure why because Instagram makes it easy to connect to other accounts such as Facebook and YouTube.

If your goal is more Instagram likes and you’re creating amazing content that needs to be shared with the world then why are you not leveraging other social media platforms that link back to your original Instagram post.

Doing this will increase your reach and in turn affect your Instagram likes in a positive way.

Not only that, but it will probably provide you with the opportunity to gain more prospective followers since you’re getting an increase in reach.

Use The Right Hashtags

Just as overlooked as the lack of leveraging other social media platforms is our good old friend the hashtag.

As you’ve seen countless times, people are using hashtags to try and get more likes on Instagram, but more often than not they are using them the wrong way.

If you didn’t know, Instagram allows an allotted amount of up to 30 hashtags per post.

Now, if you’re trying to get more Instagram likes then you have to think of each of those hashtags as a spot to increase your reach by at least triple.

If you use the right hashtags with the help of a free hashtag tool, then it gives you the best chance to find the most relevant hashtags for the high-quality content you’re creating.

You don’t HAVE to use a hashtag tool like that to find hashtags that help you get more Instagram likes, but it really does shorten the time you spent researching down to almost nothing.

Why Are Hashtags So Important?

Like I mentioned before, using the right hashtags has the potential to increase your reach by 300% or more.

Haven’t you noticed the massive movements that were started solely by hashtags?

Things like #ALSIceBucketChallenge that has yielded a whopping $115 million in raised funds for the ALS Association.

People all over the world are using tags like #HeNotShe to raise awareness for gender equality, and of course, #BlackLivesMatter to help spread the word of racism on the planet.

If you’re looking for ways, tips and tricks, and ideas that work to help you get more Instagram likes then you should start with finding the best hashtags for your content.

In an instant, a post that uses hashtags could have triple the amount of Instagram likes and reach than if they used no hashtags at all.

Create a Contest or Giveaway

This is one of my favourite ways to get more Instagram likes (and followers too) because it’s fun and involves your audience to not only like your images, but to also engage with you.

And in all honesty, it’s pretty straightforward.

Simply create a contest where somebody in your audience wins an offer packed with massive perceived value.

The reason I say “perceived” value is because it doesn’t have to cost you a lot (or anything at all), but it has to have a lot of value in the eyes of your audience.

Just keep in mind that Instagram has specific rules about what you can and can’t do when it comes to content and I suggest you look at them before you plan anything.

Be Engaging With Your Captions

If I could count how many times I’ve seen a caption fail I’d be a millionaire by now.

Captions play a huge role if you want to get more Instagram likes because it’s your chance to tell somebody what to do.

Remember: On today’s Instagram, you can have what I call “verbal captions”, where you can tell somebody specifically what you want them to do in your video. Make your videos or your content action-based by using enticing captions, verbal and written.

When it comes to people scrolling through their newsfeed, a purposely created caption that uses not only text, but also emojis can stop somebody in their tracks, take a split second look at your content, and double-tap.

Conversely, poorly written captions work in just the opposite way.

While it will still stop somebody in their tracks, a poorly written caption will get somebody to scroll away from your content faster than a toddler running off with their mom’s cell phone to play candy crush.


When it comes to getting more Instagram likes and engagement, it’s all down to you.

I talk with a lot of people that ask for help growing their Instagram account. Just the other day I was reading an email response I got from a broadcast I sent out.

The person wrote, “I’m not growing (cry face x5)”…

So I checked their Instagram account and not only did their content suck, but they had tons of different filters, no other social media platforms to leverage, a crappy bio, no hashtags, and captions that made me run for the hills.

The moral of this story is that it all comes down to you if you want to get more Instagram likes.

Don’t blame anybody else for a lack thereof.

If you’re really committed to doing what it takes to get more engagement and Instagram likes, then follow the plan I laid out above and I can promise you, it will come.

We want to hear from you! What’s working to help get you more Instagram likes right now?

On the contrary, what have you tried that hasn’t worked?

Lastly, have we missed anything that could help people get more Instagram likes? We want to know.

Leave a comment down below.

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