How to Put Multiple Stories on Instagram – Adding Photo & Video

Wondering how to add more to your Stories? We’ve got the lowdown here. 

To do this effectively, it’s important to use all of the features Instagram offers, one of the most prominent being Instagram Stories. 

Instagram stories are posts that appear for 24 hours. After this 24-hour period, you can add them to your profile in a story highlight.  

Wondering how to put multiple stories on Instagram? We’ll give you some Instagram stories tips and tricks for better engagement, as well as the best way to put multiple pictures on your instagram stories. 

We’re going to break this down into a few sections so that by the end, you’ve got a clear picture on exactly how. 

Let’s go! 

Here’s How to Put Multiple Stories on Instagram

How to Put Multiple Stories on Instagram

1. Selecting Your Images

First thing you need to do is open your instagram and click in the top left corner of your screen on the “camera” icon. If you don’t have any current stories, you can also click on your profile icon that has a “+” sign. This is right below the camera icon. 

Next, the camera function will pop up. If you’d like to take a photo, you can do so here. To access your photos, click the bottom left icon that shows your photos. Once you click this, it will show you your camera roll. 

In order to select multiple, you need to click the circular icon in the top right corner. Once you push this, it will turn blue, and you will be able to select multiple photos in the same posting. 

As you select photos, numbers will appear on each photo. This is the posting order that they will appear on your story. The only way to change this order is to deselect the photos and then reselect in the order that you’d like them to appear. 

2. Photo Editing or Extra Elements (optional) 

If you don’t want to edit or add anything to your photos, you are basically ready to post with what you did in the previous section. But not so fast! It’s important to consider adding extra elements to your stories because it can boost engagement and reach as well as add personality or unique touches to your post. You can add things like stickers, text, drawings, GIFs, music, location, and polls, among others. 

To get to the editing screen, you’ll need to click on the specific photo that you want to edit. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the photos that you’ve selected in the order that they will appear. Click on the photo that you want to edit. 

At the top of the screen, you have all of the options to add the elements that you desire. Once you’ve finished editing all of them, click “next.” 

3. Publishing 

Once you click “next,” the “share” screen will appear. This will give you the option to send to your friends individually, your close friends, or post to your story. 

The first option on the screen will be to post to your story. You can adjust sharing options here to automatically share to Facebook as well. When you’re ready to post, click the blue “share” button on the right side of the screen. Voila! You’ve successfully posted your stories to Instagram. 

Other Stories Options

What we described above is the best way to add multiple stories to your IG. Another popular alternative would be to use a post scheduler. 

It’s always a good idea to know when is the most prominent posting window to gain the most reach on your posts. Sometimes it can be difficult to always get to your phone at that time, depending on your workflow. In these cases, it’s a good idea to use a scheduler so that your posts can always come out right on time and reach your audience. 

There are a variety of schedulers out there, and their process for scheduling posts varies slightly based on their platform. Not only that, but you should also know about when and how often to post Instagram, as research suggested to keep a frequency and set the timing to post on the right moment to engage more users on your posts and stories.

Another option would be to hire someone to manage your account for you and be in charge of adding these photos at the proper time. This takes the responsibility off of you, and allows someone else to take the reins. Ensure that your social media manager has your brand and best interest in mind, as well as how to maintain a consistent brand image. 

Adding Multiple stories to IG Highlights

Remember, regular IG stories will disappear within 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Once you post a story, it will go to your story archive, which only you can view. There, you can select past stories that you want to be available to your audience and pin them to your profile in the section that we call “highlights.” 

It’s just as simple as adding them to your story. This is one of the main Instagram tips and tricks for better engagement; it’s important to use this feature to your advantage as it can help to promote your most popular or important stories, and is a really great way to build your brand image right on your main profile page. 

Let’s check it out! 

1. Open Story Highlights

On your profile, under the “edit profile” button, there will be an area with a “+” sign that says “new.” This is where you can add your story highlights, and they will be pinned in albums right there alongside this “+ new” icon. 

Once you click the “+ new” icon, it will open up all previous stories you’ve posted. It’s important to note that you can ONLY post to your highlights what you’ve previously posted to your IG stories. If you want something to be available in your stories highlights, you must first post it to IG stories to then later pin to highlights. 

2. Select Past Stories

Here, you can already select multiple stories. Just tap the images you want to include and they will all be added to that “highlights” album. 

There is not as much freedom here to edit or add additional elements because they will appear exactly as you posted them on your IG stories. You can’t edit or add anything new. Also, they will appear in order by date. This is done automatically and you can’t change it. 

3. Add Title and Cover Image 

After you select your photos and click “next,” it will take you to a screen to add a title and cover image. This cover image will appear on your profile for the album, and the name will also appear below the icon. This is an excellent time to create an aligned image for your brand directly on your profile, grouping similar past stories together or creating a go-to section for your followers to reference similar products, stories, or promos. 

It’s a great idea to create these strategic groupings for your photos and have specific images to use for their cover photo. They can be all designed in the same way to produce a consistent image and add value to your profile landing page.

Taking advantage of this Instagram story highlights is an easy way to enhance your personality and profile image. 


The best way to add multiple stories to your Instagram is a decision that you’ll have to make. You can add them directly to your profile as we described, use a post scheduler, or hire a manager to post for you. This will depend on how much time you have at your disposal as well as how your productivity and workload would be affected. 

Regardless of the method you choose, you now have another tool to help you build your Instagram and take advantage of all features! 

Always ask yourself how you can use multiple images on Instagram for your brand, add personal touches and elements, and post your stories strategically, keeping in mind that you can pin them to your profile later. 

Nothing in social media is “random;” you should always post with intention and strategic purpose, even if it seems “random” to your followers. 

Do you have any go-to Instagram stories tips and tricks for better engagement? How do you get your audience to interact with your content? 

Drop your tips below! 


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