How to Get More Deezer Followers

Deezer is a French music streaming app that grants access to over 90 million music tracks and podcasts.

With over 14 million active users, Deezer is fast becoming one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. Its popularity makes it a great option for artists who are working to increase their popularity.

However, many people find it difficult to grow their Deezer accounts, even after doing everything right. This is because the competition on this platform is getting more intense every day, so if you want to stand out, you need to be intentional about producing the kind of music that people will want to hear. 

Having more followers and fans is essential to growing your Deezer account. You need to boost your credibility and enhance your social media presence.

All of this can only be possible if you have lots of followers. But there’s a problem: getting more followers on Deezer is not as easy as you think.

The surging competition makes it difficult for new accounts to grow from scratch, and if you do not have enough motivation, you might not get there yourself.

Thankfully, there are some effective strategies that can quickly take you from zero to hero on Deezer. These strategies will not only improve your profile but will also strengthen your social media presence and help you gain more organic followers regularly.

How to Get More Followers on Deezer

Here are the best 8 ways to get more followers on Deezer. Granted, some of these strategies might be more effective than others, but they are all sure to deliver great results. So, if you want to see exceptional results, we recommend implementing all of these strategies.

1. Complete Your Profile

This is the first step to take if you want to succeed on Deezer or any other platform. Completing your profile is an obvious step, but it is often overlooked. If your profile is incomplete, it will be difficult for anyone to trust you.

An incomplete profile may make people believe you have something to hide, and this is not the first impression you want people to have of you. 

So, it’s important to fill in every required field. This includes uploading a high-quality profile picture, providing details about your record label, your distributor, and even writing a gripping bio to provide a little background information about you and your brand.

2. Find Your Niche

If you don’t narrow down your audience to a niche, you will be creating music for a wide audience. From a distance, this might seem like the best way to increase your popularity. However, this does more harm than good.

If you don’t find your niche, it will be impossible to create the kind of content your listeners want, and in the long run, you may be losing followers instead of gaining them. 

To be successful on Deezer, you need to attract the right audience. When you narrow it down to a particular niche, you’ll be able to learn what they like and dislike, and then you can tailor your music to their needs. When you give people the kind of music they’re looking for, more people will be inclined to follow you.

3. Create Aesthetic Artwork

People will judge your music by its artwork. If the artwork isn’t intriguing enough, it will be easy for people to scroll past your music. However, when you use visually appealing artwork, people will be attracted to your tracks. And if they like what they hear, they will gladly follow you so they can enjoy more of your music.

4. Create Quality Music

Time is valuable. If anyone plays your music, they’re expecting to hear something worthy of their time. Give them value. To gain more followers, you need to create music that’s worthy of being played over and over again. 

Besides your vocals, you also need to ensure quality in other essential aspects of music creation. These include recording, editing, and visuals. High-quality equipment might be pricey, especially if you’re just starting out in the music industry, but it is necessary if you want to create industry-standard music.

5. Cross-Promote Your Music

If people don’t know about you, all your efforts to grow your account will be for naught. So, you need to take your music out there, to the right people. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to promote music online. 

You can easily post about your music on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will boost your reach, improve your visibility, and compel more people to follow you.

6. Collaborate With Other Musicians

Collaborating with others can single-handedly grow your account, especially when you collaborate with a popular artist. Collaboration is an effective strategy because it gives your music double the exposure, increasing your chances of gaining more followers. 

To implement this strategy, reach out to other artists in your genre and tell them you want to collaborate with them. You can increase your chances of getting a positive response by building rapport with them before making your proposal. 

7. Be Consistent

Consistency is an essential trait you must have if you want to increase your follower count. People want to see more of you. They want to be updated with new tracks consistently. So, when you upload new tracks regularly, you will be meeting the expectations of your existing followers, and also attracting new listeners. 

Uploading new tracks might be tricky, but you can become consistent if you create a content calendar. This will help you stay organised and focused, growing your followers with a steady flow of high-quality content. 

8. Buy Deezer Followers

Buying Deezer followers is by far the most effective way to gain new followers. It is also the fastest way to grow your account, which makes it the most implemented strategy. Choosing the perfect service provider might be confusing, considering that there are tons of websites offering this service. 

However, if you’re looking for the safest option, UseViral is the service provider for you. You can buy as few as 25 followers with us, and depending on your budget, you can buy as many as 50,000 followers.

By buying followers, you no longer have to focus all your time on growing your account. This allows you to focus all your time on creating more quality music and uploading them regularly, as scheduled in your content calender.