How to Get Your Banned TikTok Account Back

how to get unbanned from tiktok

“Your account has been permanently banned.”

These are the words every TikToker secretly dreads.

It is the most frustrating notification you can receive regarding your TikTok account. You are also probably confused about where you went wrong.

Don’t worry. Getting banned on TikTok is definitely frustrating, but it’s not the end of TikTok for you. You can always resolve the issue and pick up where you left off.

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of bans on TikTok, why your account got banned, and how you can get your banned account back. Let’s dive right in.

What Are the Types of Bans on TikTok?

Before we talk about how to recover your account, you need to understand that there are three types of bans on TikTok. The severity of your offense determines the type of ban you will receive. These bans include:

1. Permanent Ban

This is the worst kind of ban you can receive on your TikTok account. As the name implies, a permanent ban is the ultimate punishment for unacceptable behavior on this platform.

Once this action is taken against your account, you’ll see a large ban notification the next time you log in.

While there is nothing you can do about a permanent ban, you can take steps to protect your account from getting banned permanently.

The best way you can do this is by adhering to all the community guidelines. Unlike other types of bans on TikTok, a permanent ban typically doesn’t come without a warning.

This type of ban is usually issued if you have a habit of violating community guidelines. Being the most extreme ban, it will only be imposed on your account if you have committed the worst kind of offense on the platform.

To be on the safe side, we recommend regularly reading the community guidelines so you can comply with them.

2. Shadow Ban

A shadowban is something you might never expect. Sometimes, you may be shadowbanned without even realizing it. A shadow ban penalizes you by reducing your visibility on the platform. 

A shadow ban cannot be easily detected, and this is because it appears without any form of warning. So, if you are not active on the platform, you may even be shadow banned without even realizing.

However, there are ways to know if you’re experiencing a shadow ban. 

The first indication of a shadow ban is that your videos will no longer appear on the “For You” page. The second indication of a shadow ban is your disappearance from search results; if your account does not appear in the search results, then your account has been placed under a shadow ban. 

You may be wondering if you have to search for your account every day to detect a shadow ban. The answer is no. While this may seem like the best way to quickly detect a shadow ban imposed on your account, it is not necessary.

However, if you ever suspect your video views are dropping, then we recommend running a quick search to confirm if this is the case. Although shadow bans are frustrating, they are only temporary and can easily be undone.

3. Temporary Ban

When you violate the community guidelines on TikTok, then you are at risk because your account can be banned temporarily.

The good thing about a temporary ban is that if you quickly figure out and correct whatever you’re doing wrong, then the temporary ban will be lifted from your account. Temporary bans are short-lived and can be lifted in 24-48 hours. 

Depending on the offense you commit, TikTok may penalize you by withholding your ability to perform certain actions on the platform.

You may be suspended from uploading videos, posting comments, editing your profile, sending direct messages, and even starting live streaming sessions. This serves as a warning, so it is relatively easy to handle. 

Regardless, it is important to note that receiving multiple strikes might lead to a permanent ban. So, you should avoid a temporary ban where possible. You can easily avoid this ban if you follow the community guidelines of the platform.

How to Get Your Banned TikTok Account Back

How to Get Your Banned TikTok Account Back

Yes, you can recover a banned TikTok account, but this depends on the type of ban you have received. If your account has only been shadow banned or temporarily banned, you can easily recover your account, sometimes without even taking any action. 

While you might decide to wait it out, submitting an appeal is an excellent way to get your TikTok account unbanned. When filling out an appeal form, you need to provide convincing reasons why your account should be unbanned.  

This option is only available to users who can still log into their accounts after being banned. 

However, if you no longer have access to your account, you can send an email to TikTok’scustomer support. Even if your account has been permanently banned, you may want to try out this method.

If you’re lucky, the permanent ban might be reversed. To use this method, you need to find the support email for your region, send your email, and then wait for their response. 

If this method doesn’t work for your permanently banned account, then you need to create a new account. To make it easier to build from scratch, we recommend choosing a username that is very similar to your previous username. This will make it easy for your followers to find your new account. 


A TikTok ban may be frustrating, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world. If your account has been temporarily banned, you need to review your previous activities and try not to make the same mistakes again.

To remain on the safe side, we recommend regularly reading the terms and conditions to learn about any updates, so that you can remain on TikTok’s good side.