How to Go Viral on Twitch, Today!

Twitch is a very popular social network which is mainly based on live streams. Content creators who focus on long live streams, whether they share their gameplay or talk about their favorite TV series for hours, usually choose Twitch as their platform. 

Twitch was first launched in 2011 when the likes of Facebook was already doing pretty well.With its unique features, however, it was able to grow and conquer its own market share and audience.

Today, Twitch is just as popular as YouTube and TikTok and, as a consequence, if you want to start sharing content on Twitch you need to be aware of the fierce competition. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no room for new creators on Twitch:

It only means that if you want to become successful on the platform you need to provide valuable and quality content. Furthermore, you need to know the strategies that are going to help you win against thecompetition and go viral on Twitch.

In this article, we’re going to share 9 main tips on how to go viral on Twitch. 

9 Main Tips on How to Go Viral on Twitch

1. Optimize your profile

When you begin your activity on Twitch, it all starts with the creation of your profile. 

Your profile on Twitch is important because it is the first thing people see when deciding whether or not to watch your content. They don’t just start watching random live streams; they’ll visit the streamer’s profile first, figure out what kind of content they offer, and then they will watch thecontent if they like what they see.

This is why it is essential that you create an attractive profile. Here are some tips:

  • Create a logo and use it as your profile photo 
  • Create attractive banners for your profile. Make sure they match the niche of your profile 
  • Use attractive color schemes
  • Consider purchasing overlays for your Twitch profile or installing bots on your channel to make it more engaging.

2. Stick to your niche

Whenever you are engaging with a huge crowd or audience, it’s important that your message and content is aimed at a specific niche.

When sharing content on Twitch, it is important that you identify your niche and therefore your audience, and that you stick to it to remain consistent.

When you aim at a specific niche, you are constantly attracting the same audience. Furthermore, the work of gaining their interest is made easier, because you won’t have to try and get their attention of people who want nothing to do with your content.

They are already halfway there and almost ready to engage themselves. 

3. Interact with users

The thing about Twitch as a social network is that it isn’t only live streaming but also a place to interact with your audience live. Interaction is therefore something that your audience will expect from you: make sure you don’t disappoint them.

People who comment on a live stream want to be noticed, they want their questions to be answered, and they want their comments to be responded to. 

So make sure, during your stream, to take the time to read the chat and reply, comment, or interact with your audience in general.

4. Video and audio quality

When you share video content online, you always need to pay attention to audio and video quality. If you don’t have the knowledge you need to optimize the quality of your streams, take the time to learn how to do it or hire someone to take care of it, or teach you.

Live viewers are more and more demanding when it comes to quality. Between two live streams that deal with the same topic, they’ll choose to watch the one with the higher audio-video quality. So, never underestimate the importance of the quality of your streams.

5. Avoid saturated niche

If you want to go viral on Twitch, before launching your channel, make sure to conduct careful market research. With this research, you need to gather information so that you can find the right balance between capitalizing on a specific niche and jumping on the bandwagon of a trend. 

A simple way of making the most of trending niches but avoiding saturation is narrowing down your niche as much as you can. For example, if you want to speak about true crime on your channel, you may find that the niche is oversaturated. 

So, narrow it down to, say, crimes that happened in your country or dig into the psychology of murderers, and you’ll have a specific and unique niche that people will be curious about. 

6. Other social media

If your main focus is on Twitch, you can still use other social media to drive traffic to your Twitch account. Many streamers, for example, publish short versions of their live stream on YouTube and then invite the audience to join them on Twitch.

Not only will this drive traffic to your Twitch profile, it will also create an additional source of income (because you could monetize both Twitch and YouTube at the same time).

7. Do not forget about time zones

When deciding when your live stream should go live, consider where your audience is watching from. When it’s daylight where you are, it could be 3 am on the other side of the world.

The time of your live stream should fit in with your audience so that the majority of them can tune in. 

8. Collaborate with other Twitch Users

Collaboration with other streamers on Twitch can boost your popularity. Getting your content in from of the audience of another Twitch user can mean additional exposure for your live streams. 

9. Buy Twitch views

Buying Twitch views is a winning strategy to become viral on Twitch. You can buy Twitch channel views and buy Twitch video views.

This is because when you have a lot of views, you are more likely to be noticed by the Twitch algorithm.

Your content will therefore be recommended to more and more users so that your popularity and views would increase significantly.