How to Increase Your Likee Shares

Here are 10 Proven Ways to Increase Likee Shares. Learn how to expand your audience, increase video visibility, and increase engagement.

Likee is one of the world’s most popular short-video apps, with more than 150 million monthly users. Likee’s most watched video content includes lip-synching, music videos, and hashtag challenges.

On the platform, a number of content creators first demonstrated their talent, and they have since continued to shine to the point where they have developed into powerful influencers in their respective communities. On Likee, shares significantly impact how many times a video is watched.

You can learn how to improve your Likee shares by reading this article. Let’s dive in. 

10 Proven Ways to Increase Likee Shares

If you want to boost Likee shares to market your company the right way, check out these 10 proven ways to guarantee that your Likee videos receive the most shares.

1. Produce Original and Imaginative Content

It’s good to produce content that people will find funny if you want to increase your share numbers. This could take the form of clever memes, movies, images, or other formats that you can think of.

You can raise or boost your Likee shares by using a creative approach while creating compelling content. To stand out from the crowd, emphasize your unique qualities and use humor in a natural yet appealing manner.

Try out new things, like making jokes or incorporating humorous meme quotes into your videos; explore until you find what works best for you. Humor can take many forms, such as sarcasm, puns, satire, and more. 

2. Pay Close Attention to the Video’s Quality

More people will watch, share, and suggest your content if it is high quality. Try to produce high-quality video content even if you don’t have the same tools as significant influencers.

Because even if your content is excellent, a fuzzy video with lousy lighting may decrease the number of shares you get. You will need a good quality video camera if you plan to film live-action. 

In light of this, either use a quality smartphone with a camera or choose a DSLR camera and the best filming techniques. Another strategy for ensuring your video is successful is to make sure it has been expertly edited. You can hire a video editor to do your video editing if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

3. Post Frequently

Increase engagement on Likee by posting during busy periods like in the morning, especially live videos. Success on social media depends on two things: quality and consistency.

To develop credibility and trust, you need to make it a habit to constantly and continuously post the best content. To avoid being completely forgotten, avoid periods of no posts at all costs.

4. Use the Most Useful Hashtags

A fantastic strategy to enhance your shares and exposure on Likee is to strategically use hashtags. Many popular hashtags will give you access to businesses looking to connect with customers who share your interests.

Don’t limit yourself to using trending hashtags in your posts; add descriptions and tags to make them more distinctive from other posts. 

5. Only use Short Videos

Save time and concentrate on making short videos if you want to increase and maintain your following. If you want to ensure that your videos are watched, receive the proper attention, and are shared on the platform, keep them short and interesting.

Shorter videos are preferred, even though Likee now enables longer movies (you can directly upload videos up to three minutes long). After 40 seconds, keeping a viewer’s interest becomes incredibly challenging, unless you are highly captivating.

6. Make the Most of Recent Trends

Being up to date with and following the newest platform trends is the most straightforward approach to getting shares and likes. These trends could take the form of brand-new effects, sounds, dance moves, and more.

Include them in your video to boost your visibility and exposure on the Likee platform. With social media, visibility is crucial, especially Likee; if people can’t see your posts, they won’t be motivated to share them.

7. Post on the Right Day

Post your content on the right day if you want it to be seen more often. There are no strict rules regarding when you should publish your content; generally, most new posts cycle to the afternoon or evening before reappearing in the morning.

There is some evidence that blogging on the weekends can also be advantageous for maximizing audience visibility. If you want your post to get more visibility over the weekend when social media activity is at its highest, post it between Friday evening and Saturday evening.

8. Ask Questions and Post Polls

This is an excellent strategy for increasing shares, but if you want to build popularity, you must use blog posts and the reply feature. To increase your shares, post polls because they promote engagement, attract a lot of likes and comments, and give your fans an opportunity to engage with you on another level.

These elements affect how visible you are on your social media platforms. Before uploading anything, make sure it is high quality and get feedback from others so you can improve it before posting again. Once this is complete, share it with your friends, family, and other potential audience members so they can interact with your account by liking or commenting too. 

9. Promote Your Videos

Make sure to promote your Likee videos. When your videos are seen by more people, the more engagement you get, which in turn makes it simpler to attract additional viewers who might share your content.

Spread the word about your content through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

10. Buy Real Likee Shares

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As more people like, comment on, and share your page, your profile’s exposure will increase. There are numerous ways to accomplish this.

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