How To Take Better Running Photos Like a Pro? Tips To Follow

With so many different types of things you can do to make your pictures look amazing, this article is going to focus on how to take better running photos.

If you’re an athlete, whether that be a runner, cyclist, or outdoorsman then this article will help guide you with the different things you can do to teach you how to take better running photos.

As if pictures of the beautiful outdoors isn’t already enough (right), there are certain things you can do to make your running photos even better than they are right now.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to take better running photos then let’s dive in!

Set a timer

This is pretty obvious, but if you’re alone and you want to take better running photos then you can set up the timer on your phone. Because you can only take so many running photos (or videos) when it comes to pressing the capture button yourself.

So, if you’re looking to capture a magic moment in a still photo then setting up the timer on your camera for, let’s say, 7 seconds will really help you get better running photos.

If, on the other hand, you’re taking a video then what you can do is hit the record button and put your phone down where you need to and capture the footage.

After that, you just have to take some screenshots or edit the video into a bunch of stills.

Use Accessories To Your Advantage

This is a bit overlooked because people don’t tend to think outside the box.

Did you know that there’s magnetic phone cases that have a strip of magnetic in the back that can be posted on anything metal?

That works great when used in conjunction with the timer we mentioned above.

Or how about that selfie stick?

You can use a selfie stick to get any kind of video or still images that you’d have trouble with otherwise.

But you can only get so many types of placements with your selfie stick, so for those that need a different angle would have to use the magnetic phone case, or another type of accessory to keep the phone placed on where you need it.

Do The Infamous “Jump”

Haven’t you seen the infamous jump in Instagram running photos?

While it might be a little cliche, it really does work.

How cool is it to go out and have an amazing backdrop where you could add flare by jumping and capturing that picture in mid air.

We all know that photos can have a “staged” feel, but so does everybody else.

Just because people know it could be staged doesn’t mean that you will get any less engagement on your Instagram picture.

Just be sure to have an amazing backdrop and a big smile which is something that will always get you better engagement on Instagram.

Use A Fisheye Lens


Just like accessories, a fisheye lens makes any running photo look better.

With a wide angle shot, the lens can give you a photo worth a thousands words.

There’s a bunch of different brands, but we prefer the fisheye lens by Olloclip.

You can find these on Amazon or any local retailer such as Best Buy.

Raw Is Better

Look, we all know that when you want to take better running pictures, the more raw they are — the better.

At least on Instagram, your audience is looking for the authentic you.

The you that’s NOT perfect.

The business that isn’t always politically correct.

In 2022, people are looking for real which is why you should forget about perfection and instead focus on spontaneous pictures that you might have otherwise missed.

Bring a Friend

Kind of tied into how to take better running pictures like we mentioned earlier, is to bring a friend.

If you’re having hard time to get specific angles, recording running videos, or just don’t have any way to get the content you need then what better way to capture your running photos than bringing a friend along.

Plus, when you bring a friend along you’ll (more than likely) have a better chance of enjoying yourself.

Because, let’s be honest:

Who the heck wants to run alone? (not me).

But seriously, if you want better running photos then one of the only tried and true ways of getting the content you need is by having somebody else take the photos.

Use The Right Tools For Inspiration

Aside from all the things mentioned above, if you want to take better running photos you can use a tool like HashtagsForLikes to research the best running hashtags.

Why, might you ask?

Because if you find the hashtags being used for running photos, you literally have an unlimited amount of content you can choose from.

Content that you can get ideas from, content that you can model, and content that will inspire you to get out and, well, produce more running content.

Because, as we all know, the more content you produce and the more photos and videos you make, the more Instagram followers you’re going to get.

There’s no way around that.


These actionable tips are just a few of the things you can do if you want to learn how to take better running photos.

We always mention that it’s a big game of trial and error.

Continually testing different content and different methods will always help you take better running photos.

If you really want to take better running photos then you just have to get out there and DO!

So get out there and have yourself some fun!

We want to hear you! What have you done that’s helped you take better running photos for your Instagram account?

Was there a specific thing you did or a specific type of thing that worked the best for you?

Have we missed anything?

Leave us a comment with your recommendations and feedback.


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