6 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers That We Personally Tested

With the trajectory of TikTok users exploding within the past few years, and it’s newfound mainstream popularity (thanks Covid-19), we thought it the perfect time to give you some real and raw insight when it comes to the top best sites to buy TikTok followers.

This list will be a breakdown of the best 6 websites that we’ve tested with the list going in best to worst.

That being said, based on our testing results, our recommendations will be to use the top sites to buy TikTok followers.

Disclaimer: This article is totally based on my opinions.

Before we dive in though, I just want you to understand just how impressive the TikTok user growth is.

The platform is now boasting over 800 million monthly users and shows no signs of slowing down.

With the TikTok brand gaining more and more momentum, it’s important to take a second and think about why you should buy TikTok followers and get ahead of the curve.

#1. TokUpgrade
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TokUpgrade is our number 1 choice when you want real and organic TikTok followers.

Unlike some of the best sites to buy TikTok followers, the TokUpgrade brand grows your account with actual people and not bots…

Because of this, we’ve experienced our best client growth rate in not only TikTok followers, but also more TikTok likes and more targeted TikTok engagement.

That being said, it wasn’t the only reason why we chose TokUpgrade as our number one place when we’re considering to buy TikTok followers.

Another great reason to choose TokUpgrade is because of what their package can offer you to grow your TikTok.

While not being able to login and change the settings yourself, TokUpgrade TikTok automation company gives you advanced targeting functions (target users based on usernames, hashtags, and locations), a whitelist of users that you can import (which tells the system who you DON’T want to unfollow), an account manager that’s dedicated to your account, and the peace of mind that your account is 100% safe.

The icing on the cake comes with their support staff. Out of all the best TikTok sites to buy TikTok followers, TokUpgrade really impressed me with their support.

Response time is almost zero, and their support truly embodied the “World Class” feeling that I’ve come to miss with most companies.

So, just to put all the pieces together:

The results we got through their service when it came to real and organic TikTok growth was by far better than any other company in this article, the amount of targeting and features we had at our fingertips excited me because we could test a lot of different things to see what worked the best, and lastly they excelled by far in the support when we needed help.

If you want real TikTok followers and you’re looking for a place to buy them, then TokUpgrade is the place to do it.

#2. TokSocial
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Next up on the list of our best sites to buy TikTok followers is a TikTok automation company similar to TokUpgrade.

When it came to growing our TikTok and getting real results, they came close to TokUpgrade, but where they fell through was the time it took to respond to our support inquiry.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a place to buy TikTok fans that get solid results then TokSocial is still a great company.

After purchase, they had our dedicated account manager reach out to us to speak about building a strategy that we could use for our targeting.

Again, similarly to TokUpgrade, our account manager briefed us by giving us the run through of how we could target the best TikTok fans for our account.

We went over the users, hashtags, and location targeting features, along with the whitelisting and other things.

Our team was very satisfied with the overall scope of the plan to grow our TikTok and the results showed it.

The cool thing about TokSocial is that you can also adjust the settings (quite a lot) to find the perfect balance to grow your TikTok with real followers.

What I mean is that if you’re not happy with the growth you’re getting, you can change your targeting instructions to try different users, hashtags, and locations in addition to the frequency of actions that the automation takes per hour.

This is a good feature because if you’re heavy on manual actions (things like liking, commenting, etc.) then the automation should account for that to make sure your account still “seems like a human is using it.”

At the end of the day, we really liked TokSocial as well because they, like TokUpgrade, did not get us fake followers or bot followers for our TikTok.

We noticed growth that resulted in TikTok fans AND a boost in our reach and engagement.

#3. HashtagsForLikes
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HashtagsForLikes are really cool because they’re completely different from the two best sites to buy TikTok followers above…

Task Ant is different because their platform is actually a research tool to help you make better decisions when it comes to types of content that’s working and what kind of hashtags are getting the best reach for your TikTok account.

I highly recommend using Task Ant at the same time you use one of my previous recommendations (TokUpgrade), because you’re going to notice an absolute explosion of TikTok followers.

What’s even better is that you’ll notice a massive surge in reach and engagement because you’re going to find the right types of hashtags to use for your TikTok content.

When you use the right type of hashtags, your content is pushed to the places where your targeted audience is already hanging out, which means more engagement and more reach.

And, as we all know, when you want real TikTok growth, real engagement and real reach mean real growth on your TikTok account.

While this is not a “set it and forget it” approach like the previous two heavyweights, Task Ant requires you to put a little bit of work in for the results you’re going to get.

By work, I mean researching the specific hashtags and creating the right hashtag sets to use for your content.

But by doing that, you’re spending more time understanding the marketing of your niche and learning about what’s working hashtag wise and what kind of content people are looking for.

That gives you ideas on how you can use those content pieces to put into your own unique flavor which will help you get organic TikTok followers.

#4. Bouxtie
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Once again switching gears, we’re now into the alternative best sites to buy TikTok followers.

The reason why I classify these as “alternatives”, is because you’re going to be buying bot TikTok followers.

And, I’ll be honest with you. You don’t really WANT to buy fake TikTok followers because it doesn’t do anything for your brand.

But in the event that you prefer quick growth (even if it’s not real), then Bouxtie is a great place to do it.

Bouxtie has plans starting at only $.85 cents for 50 TikTok followers, but they can also serve up to 20,000 TikTok fans for roughly $300.

Aside from being able to buy real TikTok followers, Bouxtie gives you the ability to buy TikTok likes, buy TikTok video views, and Buy TikTok comments.

Although if you’re reading this, it’s NOT too late to remember that real TikTok growth from real people’s accounts is what’s really important.

So we truly recommend using our top three picks above, but hey, if you want the quick growth with fake accounts, then that’s up to you.

#5. FeedPixel
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Another one of our “alternative” sites to buy TikTok followers is a brand named “FeedPixel”.

Unlike Bouxtie, FeedPixel gives you the ability to buy a range of different services instead of just TikTok.

But obviously, we’re talking about buying TikTok followers, so we won’t be explaining the others in this article.

FeedPixel offer TikTok followers, TikTok views, TikTok likes, and TikTok shares.

And, they claim they are 100% real and active profiles, but as Maury says, “The lie detector detected THAT, was a lie”…

Because we noticed that most of the TikTok followers we got when we bought them from FeedPixel were junk followers.

#6. Social Fried
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SocialFried, like FeedPixle, gives you the ability to buy services for multiple social networks.

They deliver real followers straight to their customer’s accounts (or so they say).

We’re really hesitant to pretend that any company who gives you an “exact” number of followers or likes is straight out lying to you.

If you opt to buy TikTok followers from SocialFried, then the benefit of doing so is that they can deliver the service right away.

Meaning, once you purchase followers or anything else from them, you’ll get them pretty much near instant.

While that’s amazing for people who don’t like to wait, just keep in mind that there could be a potential spam issue if your account all of a sudden has 10s of thousands of followers.

The algorithm knows what’s real and what’s fake, so be careful there.


So there you have it. These are the top best sites to buy TikTok followers.

As you already know, we recommend the big and bad “TokUpgrade” as our number one choice.

BUT, keep in mind that you should also give Task Ant a try in connection with TokUpgrade.

Task Ant is a place where you can gain valuable insight on what will work best for your TikTok account to help you get real and organic followers.

If you’re creating great content then using both of these services will really push your follower trajectory to the next level.

We want to hear you! Have you used a tool like these that’s helped you grow your TikTok?

What have you done that’s helped you get more TikTok followers?

Have we missed anything?