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Why Should You Consider of Buying 100 Twitter Followers?

Congratulations on creating your Twitter account. With over 450 million monthly active users, Twitter is an ideal platform for your marketing activities. 

And the fact that you are reading this article proves that you are trying to grow your Twitter account.

If you are new to this platform, the best way to get your first 100 followers is by buying them.  

When you buy Twitter followers, you won’t have to spend time on marketing strategies that don’t work, so you will be able to focus on more important things. 

There are several other benefits of buying 100 Twitter followers, as you will soon discover.

What Are the Benefits of Buying 100 Twitter Followers?

Buying your first 100 Twitter followers is a great step for a beginner. 

Sadly, there is a stigma around new Twitter users who are yet to build a community of followers. 

When people come across your tweets and visit your profile, they may hesitate to follow you because you are yet to gain a decent Twitter following.

But when you purchase 100 Twitter followers, your profile visitors will see that although you are new to this platform, you are already gaining traction. 

This will also trigger the Twitter algorithm to work in your favour, thereby increasing your visibility and giving you the right exposure.

Another benefit of buying 100 Twitter followers is that it can indirectly boost your engagement rate. 

This only applies when you buy real Twitter followers instead of bots. When you buy 100 real followers, these people will most likely engage with your tweets, and this will boost your engagement rate.

Is it safe to buy 100 Twitter followers?

Yes, buying 100 Twitter followers is totally safe. But it can also be unsafe for you as well. 

This may sound contradictory, so let’s break it down:

  1. When you buy Twitter followers from a website that is neither legit nor reputable, you will be risking a lot at once. 
  2. You will be compromising your Twitter account, your billing information, the reputation of your brand, and also your credibility. 
  3. When you buy these followers from a legit and reputable website, on the other hand, then you will enjoy maximum safety and security.
  4. To find out whether or not a service provider is safe, we recommend checking out customer reviews on trustworthy review platforms such as Trustpilot. 

However, regardless of the reviews you find online, if a service provider tries to obtain your Twitter password, then you are obviously on a scam website.

Is it Illegal to Buy 100 Twitter Followers?

Contrary to what you may have heard, buying 100 Twitter followers is not an illegal practice. At the moment, there are no legal codes restricting the purchase of 100 Twitter followers. 

Therefore, you won’t be doing anything wrong by buying 100 Twitter followers.

So, there is no chance that implementing this marketing practice will get you into trouble with governmental authorities in your location. 

You will only get into trouble if you use your Twitter account for criminal activities. 

So, you need to ensure that all the activities you carry out on Twitter are completely legal.

Can Buying 100 Twitter Followers Get You Banned?

No, buying 100 Twitter followers can’t get you banned. 

Twitter will not penalize you for buying 100 followers, as long as they are all real followers. 

Twitter prioritizes popular accounts, so if you buy legit followers to boost your popularity, then there is nothing to worry about. 

You will only get banned from Twitter if the 100 followers you buy are bots, or if you—or the website you use—violate the terms and conditions of Twitter.

The Best Site to Buy 100 Twitter Followers

Buying 100 Twitter followers requires a good deal of planning. 

This is because you are still new to this platform, so you don’t want to take any chances. 

Therefore, you should only use a service provider that has demonstrated their reputation and credibility by delivering the best quality Twitter followers.

Such websites back up each order with a 30-day refund guarantee and a 30-day free refill, keeping your mind at ease with the hope that you’ll get your money back if you don’t get what you paid for.

UseViral is one such website. We have a global presence and is recognized as the best website for all things social media marketing. 

The customer support agents at UseViral are fully equipped to handle all your enquiries and troubleshoot any issues you may face. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is daytime or nighttime in your location; you can always reach out to customer support via live chat and get a fast reply. 

Although we deliver the best quality 100 Twitter followers on the market, each order comes with a refund guarantee, assuring you that you are in safe hands. 

When you buy 100 Twitter followers from UseViral, all the followers you will receive are real humans who are active on Twitter and are more likely to engage with your Tweets.

You won’t get this added advantage when you buy 100 fake followers. 

So, when you buy 100 real followers from UseViral, It is possible to see your engagement rate increase without you even having to buy likes, comments, or retweets. 

Your Twitter account will be 100% safe from the Twitter algorithm. 

This is because We will never go against any of the terms and conditions of Twitter, so there is no chance of you getting flagged.

How to Buy 100 Twitter Followers

Buying 100 Twitter followers is the fastest way to grow your Twitter account with an additional 100 followers. 

UseViral has already prepared a 100-Twitter-follower package for you, so you can buy these followers in just a few clicks, here is how:

  1. First, select the 100-Twitter-follower package. 
  2. Next, hit the “Buy Now” button. 
  3. Then, provide all requested information such as your Twitter profile URL and an email address. 

Please ensure you still have access to this email address, so you don’t miss any important information regarding your order.

Finally, make your payment via any of the secure payment gateways available on UseViral. 

These include Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, MasterCard, and Visa Card.