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Should You Buy Pinterest Followers?

Businesses, bloggers, designers, and lifestyle enthusiasts are all using Pinterest to grow their following.

It's a highly visual platform, which is why it's so popular with today's consumers. People come here to find inspiration and ideas for all sorts of projects.

For example, planning a wedding, kitchen remodel, or photo shoot. So if you have content your audience will find helpful in their endeavors, then you'll have no problem getting repins.

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From what the stats show, people really love repinning Pinterest content. There are over 175 billion Pinterest pins on over 3 billion Pinterest boards.

If you sell products, then you'll also like the fact that 2 million Pinterest users actively save shopping pins each day.

And if you're targeting American Pinterest users, you'll find that roughly 50% of the 250 million users are from the US.

So there's a lot to gain by having a presence on Pinterest. But you first have to get a following.

If you're on the line about whether or not you should buy Pinterest followers, then here's the rundown on why you most definitely should.

Boost the Visibility of Your Pins

Each pin you post to your Pinterest, it's going to be searchable in the platform's search engine. Each time someone shares your pin, it boosts its visibility.

One way to think of your followers is as a gateway to more followers. As they repin your posts, it will allow your content to spread quickly.

This means less promotional work for you.

Convert More Browsers into Buyers

Pinterest is filled with millions of shoppers, but you won't get access to them if your pins aren't being repinned by your followers.

Now, the key to getting your pins repinned is to create beautiful images so users will want to click on and add them to their boards.

Since a lot of people browse through Pinterest looking for products to buy, it's an excellent place to boost your conversions.

For example, if you own an e-commerce store, you can upload high-quality photos of your items. Try to give them flare by doing a photo shoot that shows the product worn, in use, or placed in a beautiful setting.

This is especially important if you have products that are in a high-competition industry, such as fashion, home decor, and makeup.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Having a website is key to establishing your brand as legit. It's your storefront, business card, or portfolio.

Whether you're selling products or services, driving traffic to your website is a top priority. But getting traffic here can be tricky if you don't have a presence on other platforms.

Social media sites like Pinterest make it easier to get this visibility and traffic for your site. As you grow your followers and repins, people will check out your profile and click on your website link.

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It's good to post your website URL inside of your bio, as well as in any photos you pin from your site.

So if you're sharing product images, then there should be a link that takes viewers to the product page on your site.

Get Seen On Google Images

Again, growing your Pinterest followers can boost your repins, which can help your content show up in Google images.

People use Google images to find ideas for their projects and to shop. So if they're seeing your content here, then it helps to drive traffic to your site and Pinterest account.

In turn, this can help generate more followers.

Keep in mind, Pinterest's algorithm ranks posts based on the number of repins it receives. When you buy Pinterest followers, it adds authority to your account. Having thousands of followers shows Pinterest that your pins are worthy.

This will help push your content up in the ranks (along with properly optimizing them).

Will Buying Pinterest Followers Cause Account Suspension?

This is a valid concern, especially since there are illegitimate agencies out there that don't adhere to Pinterest's guidelines.

Social networks are privy to account holders buying fake followers, so they have their own AI to spot these transactions. When you buy from these subpar companies, you get followers that are bots.

This means you have a ton of followers with fake accounts. Not only will this put you at risk of being banned and/or suspended, but it also makes your profile look bad to prospective followers.

We urge you to purchase from an agency like UseViral so that you can ensure you get nothing but human followers.

It's also vital to have the followers distributed throughout one or two days -- not all at once, like with bot farms.

Save Money On Advertising

You have the option to buy social media ads on Pinterest to help grow your account's visibility.

But why waste your money when you can generate more followers and repins at a fraction of the cost?

The amount of money you spend on buying Pinterest followers is significantly less, and it guarantees you results. Sure, you can publish ads with the hopes of it reaching and converting your target customers.

Not to mention, it can take many months before you get real results (i.e., more traffic, follows, and repins).

Or you can buy followers and know for sure your account will grow in a matter of days.

Take Advantage of the Bandwagon Effect

Never heard of the bandwagon effect? Well, surely you heard the term "jump aboard the bandwagon."

It's pretty much the same.

It's when people see something growing in popularity, and they decide to jump aboard the bandwagon. Except, in this case, your Pinterest account and pins are the bandwagons.

When you have a large number of followers on Pinterest, it gives your brand social proof. Users will check out your content and see it's high-quality and then decide to follow your page as well.

What's great about Pinterest users is they're diligent about repinning posts and following content creators.

So you don't have to do much to impress them. All you need is a following and some amazing pins to get your account to attract thousands of followers.

Get More Engagement with Your Content

The more followers you gather for your Pinterest account means more engagement. And with more engagement, it helps your pinned images get found easier.

Buy Pinterest Followers Image 3

Engagement comes in several forms -- repins, likes, and comments. All of these interactions can help improve the visibility of your content and your profile.

By buying Pinterest followers, you can get a jumpstart in generating an even bigger following and more engagement.

Other Pinterest Content Creators Do It

Yes, we're going to go there, especially since it's actually working for these pinners. Pinners know the power of Pinterest, especially those who sell products or services online.

So it's no surprise that other pinners are putting their pins and profile on the digital map by buying Pinterest followers.

You'd be surprised to learn that some of the popular pinners have done this.

If you're serious about competing and getting your fair share of the market, then purchasing Pinterest followers is the best place to start.

Get More Conversions for Your Promotions

Say you have a new product in the works or have a special promotion just for Pinterest users. You can create a campaign on the platform and use the power of your followers to gain traction.

Your promotional pins will get repinned by followers, helping others to find it. When they see your deal and check out your profile, they'll see you have lots of followers.

This automatically puts you in the legit and reputable category.

Get the Attention of Pinterest Influencers

As you continue to add quality images and followers to your account, it'll eventually catch the eye of influencers. This can lead to profitable collaborations for your business.

For instance, it can help you to get more followers from their network. And many of these followers may end up turning into customers.

Then once you reach the influencer status, you may get approached by brands asking you to promote their relevant product or service to your audience.

You can get paid hundreds to thousands of dollars per sponsored pin.

Finding a Reputable Agency to Buy Pinterest Followers From

As we already mentioned, there are red flags to look for when selecting an agency to buy Pinterest followers from.

There are low-end companies that are selling you "high-end" and "low-end" bots as followers. But neither type of bots is recommended.

Instead, you should opt for an agency that uses humans with real accounts to follow your Pinterest profile.

The timing of the delivery of followers is also critical. If you're receiving thousands of follows in a single minute, then this is going to raise major red flags.

So be sure you're buying from a source that delivers your followers over the course of one or two days.

Anything less is setting your account up for failure (ban or suspension).

At Socialx10, you get access to affordable followers. Have your pick between 500 and 5,000 followers at $29 to $197.

Check out our packages above to get high-quality followers for your Pinterest account!

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