How to Get Sound on Reddit (Easy Method!)

Sound on Reddit

Users can upload files to the Reddit app as long as it isn’t against the terms and conditions It’s pretty simple to carry out this.

Touch the Plus icon on the screen to proceed. Then choose the video you wish to share with your community from your gallery. 

The main issue is that the videos you or others submit occasionally lack sound. For instance, the sound of a video is muted when you open it to view it.

Reddit does this by default. If the video contains sound, all it takes to activate the sound is a tap of the speaker symbol at the bottom of the screen. Still unable to hear sound from the video? Then there might be a problem.

Let’s investigate the Reddit sound issue more.

Sound Issues in Reddit Videos

In most cases, clicking the speaker icon will be enough to unmute the video. However, if this isn’t enough, then there are two reasons why you might not be able to hear sound on the Reddit video. The first is that the audio file hasn’t been uploaded as well. 

This problem is most common is the video is NSFW. Why would Reddit mute a video like this then?

Reddit takes this action because the video includes explicit material. Videos with such content are labelled as NSFW on Reddit. As a result, the video is automatically muted.

However, this does not imply that the original video’s audio file cannot be played. Users can, however, choose to view these films with audio as well. Let’s go over the solution to this issue step by step.

How to Get Sound on Reddit App

For Desktop:

  • Visit Reddit on your desktop 
  • Type in your username and password to access your account.
  • Next, enable adult material in your account settings. Follow the steps below to watch NSFW communities and turn on video sound:
  1. On the app screen, select the menu icon.
  2. First, select Settings from the menu. Then choose Account Settings from the menu.
  3. The feed settings is where you’ll discover the option for pornographic content.
  4. Turn it on by clicking the white circle next to the adult content choice.

For Phone: 

  • Install the Apollo app on your phone. Download and install the Sync app from the Google Play store if you use an Android device.
  • After this, sign into this app using your Reddit credentials.
  • Look for the audio-only video you wish to watch on the platform, then enlarge it.
  • To unmute the video, click the speaker symbol.

The Apollo App: What Is It?

Many users consider it the top Reddit app when it comes to iOS. The app’s objective is to make it more user-friendly for iOS users.

It is a well-designed social app for iOS users. The app is quick, efficient, and has a nice look. Users may surf Reddit faster, thanks to it.

With the help of the jump bar, you can quickly switch from one subreddit to another by using the search bar.

The app was created following iOS design standards. The application offers a user-friendly user interface to make platform navigation easier for users.

It also contains a Safari View Controller that will simplify browsing links and articles. Apollo’s features for Reddit include: 

  • Passcode
  • Touch ID and Face ID 
  • 3D Touch compatibility
  • GIF scraping 
  • Rendering in full Markdown

The biggest appeal of Apollo is how cheap it is. When compared to the features it delivers, it is relatively affordable. The price is just $1 per month for those that choose to pay monthly.

However, customers can also purchase an annual subscription to the app. In this instance, they will make a single payment of $10. 

Sync for Reddit: What is it?

Sync is a program created especially for Reddit. It has the same functionality as Apollo but is only compatible with Android phones and tablets.

It is a feature-rich app that gives users easyaccess to Reddit. According to users, Sync is the only Android app that provides the most up-to-date Reddit viewing experience.

Specific features of Sync for Reddit

  • Login security measures
  • Being able to comment on other posts
  • Communication with other users
  • Numerous adjustable features in its user interface
  • Previews for movies, and photos.
  • The image viewer is the best out there.
  • The ability to access several accounts
  • Multi reddit sync and subreddit sync

The powerful post editor with integrated editing tools in the Sync app is one of its most well-liked features. The app supports OAuth for security precautions. Reddit Gold subscribers also have access to a few exclusive services.

One of these is syncing your Reddit posts between your desktop and mobile devices. The app is far better than Apollo in terms of benefits.

For instance, Sync includes a tool for uploading photos. As a result, you can share new posts without leaving Sync.

How to Play Audio on Reddit

Millions of users actively use the Reddit network every day. This indicates that these people view millions of minutes of content on the platform daily. But when watching videos on this platform, most of us have experienced an issue with sound on Reddit before. 

We have outlined in this article the possible causes of the Reddit sound issue. Additionally, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to resolve it.

In addition, we’ve looked at two apps, one for iOS and one for Android, to assist you in resolving this issue. We hope you won’t encounter any Reddit sound issues in the future.