Best Time to Post Videos on YouTube (This Year!)

Being successful on YouTube is not as easy as it may seem. There are certain things you need to consider before becoming a YouTuber. It is not just about creating content or using high-quality equipment; as a YouTuber, there are some days when you spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas or making videos. 

However, there are still other things you need to worry about as a YouTuber, and one of them is when to post videos on your YouTube channel. 

Although this might not sound important to you, knowing the right time to post videos also comes with its own advantages, and when you use this knowledge the right way, your channel will see an increase in views, interactions, and engagement.

Knowing the best time to post videos on YouTube can help you increase your channel’s worth on the platform. Currently, YouTube is topping the charts as the most popular platform for video streaming and sharing. 

So, if you learn the ropes, you are guaranteed to get an impressive number of viewers. Therefore, it is important that you know the right time to post your videos and ensure that they capture the attention of lots of viewers.

What Is the Best Time to Post Videos on YouTube?
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By posting your videos at the right time, you also increase the chances of your videos appearing in search results. Although the right timing varies according to your audience and their geographical data, experts have revealed that these are some of the best times to upload new videos:

1. On Fridays

Friday is the peak of the week. 5-6p.m. is the best time to upload videos on a Friday. This is because it is the beginning of the weekend, and on a day like this you will find a lot of people relaxing, surfing the internet, and wanting to be entertained after a long work week.

2. At Night

The best time to post videos on your YouTube channel is at night, when many people have returned home from work and have time to watch videos. 

However, you still need to check your YouTube studio and monitor the time when your videos get the highest number of likes, comments, and views.

3. When Your Audience Is Active 

Before uploading a video on YouTube, you need to consider the geographic location of your audience. You also need to consider the age bracket of your audience. 

This will help you understand the time when most of your audience is online. You can use YouTube Studio Analytics to understand when your channel is most active.

4. Early Hours on Weekdays

As a YouTuber who is searching for the best time to post videos, you can post some videos very early during the week. 

This works because most people visit social media platforms before they leave for work, while others scroll through their favorite social media platforms on their way to work.

What is the Worst Time to Upload Videos on YouTube?

We have discussed the best time to upload videos on YouTube; now it’s time to talk about the worst days to upload a video on YouTube. It has been said that weekdays are the worst days to upload videos on YouTube, and this is because most people wake up early, and they also don’t watch videos late at night during the weekdays.

However, you need to study your audience’s activity because the worst time to upload depends on your audience. The time that works for other creators might not be ideal for you because of the kind of audience you have. It is important that you track your audience activity and discover the best time that works for them.

Is Posting Time Really Important on YouTube?

The answer to this question is yes. Posting time is very important on YouTube and it can make or break your videos’ ranking. When you choose to upload your video can affect your engagement, interactions, and the number of views you get. 

The biggest reason why it is important to upload your video at the right time is because when your videos are uploaded at the right time, they have the potential of reaching a wider audience and reaching a high number of viewers.

You might be wondering how this works, but it’s pretty logical. When you upload videos at peak periods when your audience is active, your video will automatically get more views, and it has the potential of going viral, which will also increase the number of subscribers you get. 

This is the most important reason why most creators ensure that they upload their YouTube videos at the right time. It might sound complicated, but when you follow these tips we have provided, you will discover how easy it really is.

How to Find the Best Time to Post for Your Channel

We mentioned earlier that the best time to upload your videos depends on your audience and the time when they are most active. It has been suggested by experts that each YouTuber should independently discover the right time to post. 

As a YouTuber, you can also create a custom schedule that is organized specifically for your audience.

One way to know the right time to post is by using the YouTube analytics feature. The analytics feature enables you to track the metrics of your channel, including new subscribers and the average time a viewer spends watching your videos. 

The analytics tool is powerful, and it is the perfect tool to enable you to find the right time to upload videos on your channel.


Every aspect of YouTube has specific guidelines, and when these guidelines are carefully followed, you will be on your way to having a successful channel. 

Using these tips and recommendations of the best time to post videos on YouTube, on your YouTube channel, will not only impact your content positively but also your channel ranking, ultimately leading to your long-term success as a content creator.