The Best Fitness Hashtags for Instagram (Health & Fitness, Tending)

Hashtags have always played a vital role on Instagram and how the platform has operated. Hashtags have been around since 2007. Hashtags are often over looked and not taken seriously in terms of the benefits and how they can help increase, and even boost your exposure. 

We have made this guide to show you how hashtags work, and we will show you the current best 20 fitness hashtags to use on Instagram.

Benefits of using Hashtags

Using hashtags can massively increase your exposure and even discovery. For example people search on Instagram using hashtags, and they even have a ‘trending’ category in which you can appear.

Using Hashtags can help you be seen in the explore page, and be discovered authentically to help attract real followers to your profile. 

Tagging your Images on Instagram with hashtags helps Instagram identify the demographic you’re trying to target, it also tells users what the post is about - So its highly suggested to use relevant hashtags to your upload.

How do Hashtags work in 2023

When you use a hashtag, you tell the Instagram search engine what your post is about, and it helps the algorithm identify and show your post to more users. So when using relevant hashtags if you gain a good engagement your upload will be shown to more users based on the hashtag used.

We suggest using 5-10 hashtags per Instagram post to categorise and explain your picture or video to focus in on your targeted demographic.

Create high quality upload, hashtag with relevant hashtags and publish away. You can actively watch your Instagram insights to see what traffic is coming from which hashtag.

Best Hashtags for Fitness (Active & Trending)

Keep in mind trending fitness hashtags are always changing based on trends. We actively update this list to keep them up to date and relevant. 

The current top 10 Fitness Hashtags

  1. #fitness (Been used over 500 million times)
  2. #fitfam
  3. #healthylifestyle
  4. #crossfit
  5. #motivation
  6. #fit
  7. #gym
  8. #bodybuilding
  9. #flex
  10. #gymlife
  11. #dnddice

Here is the second most popular fitness hashtags (Up to 25)

  1. #training
  2. #yoga
  3.  #abs
  4. #shredding
  5. #cardio
  6. #weightloss
  7. #transformation
  8. #fitspo
  9. #strong
  10. #gymlife
  11. #goldsgym
  12. #arnold
  13. #wfbb
  14. #peachy
  15. #legday

You can copy and paste the above list and paste them directly on Instagram.

That wraps up the top 25 fitness hashtags for Instagram that are currently heavily used and trending. These hashtags will be sure boost your profiles exposure!

You can view the trending #fitness hashtags on Instagram here

#fitness has been used on Instagram over 500 million times, and has trending 8 posts, and also recent. We encourage everyone to use this hashtag because even if you’re not in trending, you will also get some lime-light under recent, so all the exposure helps.

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