Lenos Tube Review – No longer the best provider in 2022? (Warning)

Are you wanting to buy a monetizable Youtube account? and have you been considering Lenos Tube? Hold that consideration and read this first, before you spend your hard earning read our full Lenos Tube Review

Buying a monetized YouTube account can help you by-pass the efforts and instantly join the partner program, this helps you fast track your career on YouTube.

There are a few supplier options out there, and previously we will openly admit Leons Tube was the place to go for most people wanting to buy a high quality Monetizable YouTube account. However in recent times things have changed, we’ve heard people crying about their negative experience with Leno’s Tube and even customers at useviral have had a bad experience with rude customer support when dealing with Leno’s.

Let’s dive in a little deeper and take a look;

Lenos Tube Vs Useviral

There are a few supplier options out there, and previously we will openly admit Leons Tube was the place to go for most people wanting to buy a high quality Monetizable YouTube account.

Disclaimer: However over the past few months Leno’s tube has gone down-hill, fast.

source: https://trustpilot.com/review/www.lenostube.com

We reached out to Sunny who had a terrible experience, she purchased views and a monetized aged youtube account. She was out-right scammed. They ignored her emails and did not reply. 
We noticed that he tends to write-off his customers’ reviews as “fake” or “competitor” even when they are real.

We continued to dig deeper into what Leno’s offers, and it didn’t take us long to discover the fraudulent behavior from Leno’s. For example Leno’s sells a trademarked views service called LAV ™ – We can tell you this is nothing special and many providers online are selling monetized views, he is not exclusive to being able to offer this (Don’t be a fool for his marketing tactics).

Lenostube Bad fit for Trustpilot

In recent weeks Lenostube has been flagged as a bad fit for Trustpilot, this really highlights the dangers of what this website is doing. We believe he’s currently under investigation against Trustpilot

Reference: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.lenostube.com

If you visit the previous Trustpilot page it is not inaccessible due to violation of Trustpilot. We have reached out to Trustpilot for comment regarding Lenos tube however have been unsuccessful in a response. We’ve passed on our evidence to them.

Lenos Pricing?

Lenos Tube

Lenos tube offers pricing from $390 per account. He claims these accounts are unique to the industry you request, however we believe this is unlikely true, for him to rush the account creation process to have your unique account ready sounds untrue. He also takes 7 days to complete your account delivery, and some of his previous customers have told us they have sometimes waited up to 3 weeks, when the account has been delivered its extremely poor quality, as if the account was created quickly and delivered.

Does Lenos Tube offer a refund? He does have a refund policy, however there are many conditions so getting a refund might be difficult! We tend to notice with companies who have many terms in their refund policy its because they are covering up a service they aren’t proud of. This is why we advise to tread with caution or look for an alternative that has a good reputation.

Lenos Tube alternative?

Yes, we Useviral have begun to offer the same services as Leno’s tube without the poor quality. We are providing the highest quality monetized youtube accounts, with fast delivery 1-2 days. 

To get started, simply go ahead and purchase from our monetized YouTube page

Useviral offers the highest quality Youtube accounts at affordable pricing, we have a dedicated support team working 24-7, so when you purchase with us you are in safe hands you will get exactly what you have ordered.

We highly advise to tread with caution when jumping in and buying from any old website selling this service. What we have identified is that there is a vast price difference with some sites selling accounts from $285 to $700.. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”, and we believe the sites with unbelievable cheap prices is because it is unbelievable, your either going to get a very poor quality account or, no account at all. So we suggest paying little extra to be sure you’re getting a top quality service.

Reach out before buying! I’m sure you have questions, that is why we recommend reaching out before making a purchase to have all your expectations met, at useviral we are confident that our dedicated support team will be able to address all your answers before you make a purchase and honestly we prefer this!

Another reason why we believe Useviral is a better alternative is because they offer a wider range of services for YouTube to support your channel. You can view their extensive range of services for YouTube directly. You have a much higher chance of success using Useviral because quality is their focus

Youtube watch hours from LenosTube

We express our concern when using Lenos tube and the same can be said with his offering of YouTube watch hours. We have had countless complains regarding his service with watch hours dropping off and been ran by bots.

Monetized niche options Lenos offers

Lenos only offers four options gaming, sports, music and business so you are very limited and he tends to create channels that are very broad. We believe that if you’re going to buy a channel you should be able to be very specific in your channel requirements so its unique to you, he’s clearly using bots to create these channels which is reflected in his cheap price he offers and the limited amount of niche options you have.

Benefits of having a monetizable YouTube account

Being able to monetize YouTube can help you earn additional incomes from publishing on the ever popular video platform. YouTube can become a career or a great outlet to promote your business.

There are many benefits to being apart of the YouTube community, and earning is an absolute bonus, influence and create a community with your awesome channel!

Let us know if you had an experience with Lenos Tube